Written by Okopi Jonathan (Oyi Ejila k’ Ugboju) In Idoma just like any other African tradition all have the belief in existence of two worlds. In Idoma world view Owoicho (Generic God) is transcendental, that’s all excelling Supreme being. He is always looked upon as OWONOFIYE or OWODUDU, that’s almighty and Omniscient. But since He… Continue Reading

  • All You Need To Know About Pig Farming

    Pigs, otherwise known as swine is a specie of animal that is said to be very dirty but reach in meat. Not every one eats pork, to some, they just don’t like it while to others, they do not eat pork for religious reasons. Some part of Christian religion does not eat pork so is… Continue Reading

  • How To Sincerely Reform Electoral System.

    When a good king is on throne, the people enjoys but when an evil king rules, the people suffers. To ensure good and sincere leadership, the process through which such leaders are maked must be a sincere process and free of all Malpractices. Every country has their electoral body. The electoral body of any country… Continue Reading

  • How To Make Safe Tooth Paste At Home To Avoid Ache.

    As generations come and go, so does human inventions and uses of commodities. Adopting a certain commodity to be generally acceptable depends on the taste of that generation. Though some times it depends on the findings of that generation and how such commodity is been modeled. Years Ago, the best trouser was “tight at the… Continue Reading

  • Causes Of Whitlow, Prevention And Natural cure.

    As the name sounds, “Whitlow”, so it does makes an infected person dance real “Awilo” without the music playing. It could seize all your sleep for the whole week. Whitlow, a viral infection caused by herpes simplex, is a deadly and painful disease that usually affects fingers and toes. Causes of whitlow Whitlow is caused… Continue Reading

  • Brief History Of EKEH PEOPLE In Edumoga Land, Okpokwu.

    Ekeh is one of the wards in Edumoga land, Okpokwu LGA, Benue state. They are good and hospitable people anywhere you come in contact with them, the likes of igbos, Igala, Egede and Hausa’s family can testify to this fact of how they’re being treated with love, respect and support. Currently, the Councillor Representing the… Continue Reading

  • 10 Ways To Know Your Boy Friend Is Tired Of You.

    Practically, every relationship is mostly sweet at the early stage. Like the law of diminishing return, so is relationship today. At the starting, it is either the new catch, or death. The more you have a taste in a relationship, the more your satisfaction increases at the early state until a point then it began… Continue Reading