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Get Ready to Wow: 20 Stunning Hairstyles for Nigeria Ladies

There has never been a time when the proverb “a woman’s hair is her most important decoration” was truer.

Even better, Ivana Trump calls having gorgeous hair the best kind of retribution.

Even with the best handbags, shoes, and clothes, a woman’s ensemble wouldn’t be complete without gorgeous hair that matches. Hairstyles have grown to be an important component of how every Nigerian lady wants to make her personal fashion statement the loudest. Who, after all, dislikes learning new things? fantastic hair? or? I adore your hair; it looks great on you. In fact, you see women taking more photos after getting new hairstyles, gazing at everyone, and tossing their hair to attract attention.

Therefore, if you’re seeking the next hairdo to match your own fashion statement and brand, you should give one of these ideas some thought. Additionally, regardless of your facial shape or hair texture, we have something for you!


Without any form of extension, cornrows are hairstyles that are typically worn very near the scalp. It could be available in a range of sizes and quantities depending on the woman’s preferences. Simple, exceedingly easy to maintain, and reasonably priced to make, cornrows are. They work well on faces that are oval or round. Beads, cowries, twines, or even hair cuffs can be added for aesthetic appeal to the hair.


The thick braid is the king of hairstyles. Every woman from Nigeria has at some point donned a braid. Braids are the best protective hairstyle to wear, particularly during the harmattan season. In addition to being the most protective hairstyle and fitting every face shape, it can be worn with any hair length and texture. It gives the lady an undeniably fashionable appearance and is perfect for any occasion. What exactly could be bad with braids?

There are many different types of braids, and they can even be combined with other braiding methods like cornrows. Among the numerous braid patterns are:


Lemonade braids have long been a part of our culture as Nigerians and Africans. The style gained popularity and became known as the Lemonade braids after American singer Beyonce. Some schoolchildren called them “police caps,” while others called them “side braids.” It was worn in her video album Lemonade. No matter your face type, this style is simple to wear, stylish, and lovely.


Box braids are the most widely used type of braid. Usually, the hair is divided into square patterns, the extension is fastened, and then the braid is made. They come in a number of styles and can be created with extensions in any color. Even while they can initially be somewhat heavy, if they are made long, they become even simpler to style.


Goddess braids are significantly thicker than cornrows and can be attached to the hair like traditional braids or done extremely near to the scalp like cornrows. The difference is that the extensions are often simply connected, only halfway braided, and only partially curled. Then, go ahead and adorn it with any hair accessory of your choice to make it stand out.


Knotless braids are the current hair trend. They are applied by starting with your hair and gradually adding the extension to give the impression that you have weaved your natural hair. These braids are lovely since they are neither uncomfortable nor heavy, despite being slightly more expensive than typical box braids. Knotless braids frequently appear smooth and slim.


Crochet braids are also known as latch hook braids because a latch hook or crochet hook is used to secure the crocheting extension to the wearer’s natural hair. In the end, crochet can look like box braids or a weave, but it always makes a woman look more beautiful. Crochet braids are the answer if you desire spring curls, twists, a bouncy bob, etc. without a lot of stress.


The Fulani people were the first to wear this particular form of braids, but actress Bo Derek popularized it and gave it the nickname “Bo braids.” Like cornrows, the Fulani braids are often wrapped very tightly to the scalp. They can be styled in many different ways and are normally thin to medium in size. Even the scalp can be adorned with intricate designs created from Fulani braids that are woven together with beads or rings.


Triangle braids are created by first cutting the hair into triangle shapes, then braiding it, much like box braids. They give off a distinctive, creative, and appealing appearance. These braids look wonderful on any face shape and can be made with extension hair in various lengths, widths, and colors.


This is the best option for women with short hair. Box or triangle braids can be worn in pixie styles, but in order to frame the face, they must be created shoulder length and cut into a bob. They are some of the most attractive hairstyles out there and give the lady a really lovely image.


These braid varieties are just different in terms of size and quantity. The micro braids, as their name suggests, are made very tiny and require a lot of time, but the jumbo braids are big, rapid, and few. One of the two types of braids can be done as a triangle braid or a box braid, depending on your personal preference.


Okay, enough with braids; I prefer twists personally. Both creating and releasing them are much easier. They are often made by splitting the hair or attaching extensions into two strands, which are then gradually overlapped. The way a twist is executed can be Senegalese, Havana, Marley, etc.

We are all familiar with the Senegalese variety, which comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, lengths, and colors. They can be small, medium-sized, large, long, or short. They are made to be tidy and smooth, so they go with every face shape and hair texture. Senegalese twists are an excellent strategy to defend and exhibit yourself in any circumstance. They are easy to maintain, which is a benefit.


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The Marley and Havana twists, on the other hand, are slightly rougher than the Senegalese twist. Ironically, they seem even better after being carried out for a bit. They appear and feel unfinished. Marley twists and Havana twists are frequently mistaken for one another even though they are supposed to be completely different.


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These are the dreadlock extensions that are added to the hair to generate the rope-like hair strands that are also known as dreads or locks. You can also get them by letting your natural hair grow out till it has the “dada” look, which you can do by leaving it uncombed for a long time. Whatever method you decide on, keep in mind that dreadlocks are often a long-lasting hairstyle and that you need constantly wash and manage your hair. Dreads are a great way to avoid frequent trips to the hairdresser for new hairstyles because they never go out of style.


Synthetic hair weaves can be used to add length, fullness, or a fresh look and feel to human hair. They are frequently sewn or glued such that they initially resemble real hair. There are numerous different weave varieties, such as bob, short, wavy, straight, and curly. They come in a range of textures, including Cambodian hair, Brazilian hair, and human hair.

Due to fashion advancements, today’s weaves can be sewn with a closure or a frontal. If the weave matches the person’s natural hair color, you might wonder whether it is the person’s real hair. Every face shape has a suitable weave style, and they are frequently created by professionals. My favorite aspect of weaves is how easily they can be turned into wigs.


These are a particular type of cornrow made by extending the hair just past the tip in a modest amount. They are versatile, stylish, and quite simple to build. Other names for Ghanaian weaving are Cherokee, invisible, and banana braids. They encourage hair growth while shielding the hair from the elements. The fact that they often have excellent looks and can be customized to fit any style makes them even more amazing; all you have to do is visualize them.


Team natural, come in here. These are the people who don’t treat their hair with relaxers or any other chemicals. They simply let it develop in Africa on its own. Natural hair has developed into a major fashion trend in Nigeria, where you can see a lot of women proudly flexing their locks and styling them as they like.

Maintaining natural hair is one of the finest strategies to promote development while being a difficult effort. Join the team if you are confident in your ability to manage natural hair. Better still, you can create your own style!

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