8 Ways To Deal With Frustration In A Positive Way In 2023

Frustration is just a mixture of anger, disappointment and annoyance. So many individuals have expressed frustrations in ways that has cost them the lives of their loved ones or something so important and dear to them as well, thereby making them have regrets in their actions. Most times, those actions have left a painful mark on them that can’t be erased forever. It is not wrong to get angry in fact it shows you are standing up on what you believe on and what to make changes. But where the problem lies is how you react toward anger.

This is not healthy to our body system. Due to the different situations and problems we face on a daily bases, going through challenges beyond our capacity we react violently and even quit. The feeling of frustration comes in especially when you’re working really hard towards your goal or on a project and it just isn’t working for you. We can’t necessarily control how we feel but we can control how we react to frustration.


  • Practice breathing technique
  • Go for body exercise
  • Listen to music
  • Practice a count down
  • Become creative
  • Go out of the heated environment
  • Talk it out with someone
  • Stop procrastinating and act

Taking a deep breath exercise can help go in a long way in your brain. As soon as you start feeling a strong emotional response, you will see the sign that your breath is getting faster and your whole body is vibrating. To normalize your breathing, you have to get oxygen into your brain by taking a deep breath in and out slowly. It helps you to calm down greatly. Take a count while you are on it, do it for about 2-3 minutes repeatedly and see positive changes in you. Don’t let yourself suffer unnecessarily.


Going for workout in the gym or around your street helps to calm your nerves and reduce frustration. You can go for simple running a few blocks of street, or riding a bike or even taking a dancing class. Do something that will take your mind off that situation.


This is one of the best ways to deal with frustration in a positive way. Lovers of music can agree with me on this. This feels like a real medication for problematic.

It has a powerful effect on your brain. Go to quiet environment, put on an ear buds and listen to a cool song from your phone. It gets your mind relaxed.


When you start feeling your breath getting shallow and you notice anger piling up, try taking off your mind out of the situation at hand by doing some count down. Count 1-100 by closing your eyes and concentrate on the numbers. It doesn’t sound serious but it helps a lot. Focus on your count down and see your heart rate will slowing go back to normal.


Search your heart, what is that idea that has been coming to your mind for some times now, what is that thing that you love doing so much. Why not put it into practice and produce something unique.

As a lady you might want to display some new recipe you learnt from a friend or the internet in your kitchen, examples like baking or cooking some delicious meal. This can get your mind off the heated moment.

Have you considered drawing that person’s face and painting it to your desirable color?

How does that sounds? winks you deserve to be happy dear one. To your amazement you will see yourself smiling again.


Take a walk out the heated place where the incident occurred, go for site seeing or even to favorite spot. Step out for a little while and spend some time alone, or go at the back your house alone.

Set your body free by removing your shoes and feel the mother earth by placing your bare feet on it, raise your head up to the sky, close your eyes and breathe the fresh air. Do it for a while and feel your heart rejoicing again.


Reach out for help by talking to someone who understands you well. Talk to someone who you trust well enough to share your pain with, not someone who will add to your agony.

This help in a very effective way to release some of the energy as well. As long as you don’t dwell in ruminating on the anger for too long, Venting out to a supportive and trusted friend helps to calm you down. Just pour out your heart and move on.


When you have a problem and you find it difficult to solve the situation, it becomes frustrating and annoying because you feel like you’re stuck in a dead-end. All you just want to do is quit, drop everything and avoid yourself from persisting to move on.

It’s nice to clear your head once in a while but don’t keep it for too long. Go back into action again.

Action they say speaks louder, don’t procrastinate get back to work.

Don’t accept that discouragement, make something happen.

Stop worrying and wasting time by giving yourself excuses, get on doing.

Most times when you finally succeed, you discover that the time used in worrying should have been the time used to achieve greater things.

Get your worries into action and action into achievement.


You deserve to be happy. If can recognize when you begin to feel annoyance heaping up in you, it will be safer before you start reacting on them, you try some of the tips listed above. Some of these signs to look out for are; pounding heart, sweating, shaking, tight chest, pacing and many more. Be safe.

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