Tips For Making A Perfect, Tasty, And Non-Sticky Nigerian Jollof

Growing up I remember my mom making tasty Nigerian Jollof, which was never sticky, always spicy, and had this amazing bottom pot taste.

I have a flair for Nigerian Jollof because it reminds me of the good old days. No party goes by without a tasty Nigerian Party Jollof. 

Jollof rice is a well-known dish in west Africa. The term’’ Jollof‘’ is traceable to the Jollof empire in the Senegambian region of west Africa. Most countries in west Africa have their own recipe, but the most popular countries that make tasty jollof rice is Ghana and Nigeria. Up till date, this is a never-ending debate of which jollof rice is the best. Nigerian Jollof or Ghana Jollof, which do you think is the best?

Nigeria Jollof is always the best. My opinion though…. So, Nigerian jollof rice is one of the best Nigerian delicacies that navigates through every tribe and ethnic group in Nigeria. Making Nigerian Jollof with firewood gives it a distinctive and memorable flavor. This flavor comes from the smoky heat of the firewood. 

Here is what we would need for a Nigerian perfect Jollof :

 Having the right ingredient: The first thing to consider is ensuring you have the right ingredient. Let’s go to the market.

So, we start by getting raw rice either in large or small quantities. It all depends on the number of people you are cooking for. We don’t want our rice to be soggy so we will buy long-grain rice.

Secondly, raw tomatoes and tomato puree. It gives the rice a unique and distinctive reddish color 

Thirdly, scotch bonnet also known as ata rodo in Yoruba is a variety of chili pepper that spices up our Nigerian jollof rice.

Fourthly, onions. It gives the rice a unique taste and unique aroma.

        We also get chicken, beef, or fish as its stock adds flavor to the Nigerian Jollof, vegetable oil, bay leaves, salt to taste, thyme, and curry.

  Lastly, and most importantly seasoning cube. This seasoning adds good taste and love to our jollof rice. These are the major ingredient

 Use the right measurement: The second thing to consider is the right measurement of the ingredient. The right measurement brings out the right and proper taste

 Use the right amount of water: The third thing to consider is the quantity of water. Excess water could overcook the rice and less water could undercook the rice. Still in the kitchen.

Moderate temperature: This is very important because very low heat could cause soggy rice while high heat will dry up the liquid faster and the rice is able to soften. Balance is important. The temperature should be moderate.

Trap in as much heat: Cover the pot of Jollof rice with foil to trap it in as much heat as possible this gives the jollof rice the perfect consistency

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