Insurance is an important service that helps protect yourself, your business and your family from unexpected events. However, as much as you don’t want these events to happen, the truth is that you can’t avoid them, which is why they refer to them as unexpected. But the good news is that whenever this happens, insurance promises to cover you. So, to help protect your family, business and yourself from potential risks, we have compiled a complete list of insurance companies in Nigeria that you can choose from.  It is important to note that there are many other insurance companies in Nigeria, but here is a list of our top 10 insurance companies in no particular order:

1. AIICO Insurance Plc.

AIICO Insurance is one of the best advocates in the Nigerian insurance industry. The company was founded in 1963, and since then they have moved up the insurance industry ladder to be one of the top players in the industry.

2. Leadway Insurance Company

The company came into being in 1970, and since then, it has become very active in the Nigeria insurance business. They specialize in business, life, and pension insurance. To add to that, they also offer allied financial services. This includes portfolio management, credit securities, financial and miscellaneous losses.

3. The insurance keeper and his allies

Custodian and Allied Insurance is a wholly owned insurance company with the goal of covering the needs of innovative insurance products for its clients. They believe this will help ensure customer satisfaction. Moreover, they offer a wide range of insurance plans tailored to meet your needs.

4. The cornerstone of insurance.

The Insurance company was incorporated in 1991 as a private limited liability company. However, in 1997, it became a public limited liability company. They are a dedicated insurance company and put the needs of their clients first in all situations.

5. Mansard AXA Insurance

AXA Mansard belongs to the AXA group. They are one of the worldwide leaders in asset management and insurance with more than 160,000 employees. Further more, they serve approximately 107 million customers in more than 60 countries.

6. African Insurance Alliance.

AAI was founded in 1960, and since then they have built a solid reputation for themselves in the insurance industry. They generally focus on insurance products tailored to meet your needs. Some of their policies are investment insurance plan, pension guarantee, group life insurance, etc.

7. Lasaco Assurance Plc.

Lasaco is a composite financial and insurance service established in December 1979, Lasaco is an acronym for the Lagos State Assurance Company Limited. They obtained their license to operate as an insurance company in Nigeria in the year 2980. Lasaco specializes in general insurance, life insurance and online payment.

8. Anchor Insurance:

Anchor Insurance is one of the prominent insurance companies in Nigeria. NAICOM registered them in 1989, and in November of the same year, they began operating. Anchor Insurance specializes in general business insurance. People love basic insurance because they see customers as their reasons for being in business. This means that the customer’s need is their priority.

9. Goldlink insurance

They incorporated Goldlink Insurance on April 15, 1992 as a private limited liability company. However, in 1993, precisely in September, they became a full-fledged insurance company. Due to Goldlink’s unwavering commitment to insurance, they have been able to stand a high position in the insurance industry. Goldlink specializes in general business, life, travel, and auto insurance.

10. Continental reinsurance

Continental Insurance started as a private insurance company in 1985. But in 1990 it became a full-fledged insurance company. They provide non-life and life insurance. Besides, they have a well-diversified business mix and client base. Their goal is to become one of the most well-known insurers not only in Nigeria but in Africa.

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