The fear of hunger next year


There is no doubt that new farming season is already here and farmers who are running away from their places of settlements are yet to go back because of insecurity. 

Others who lives within the towns are also scared of going into the bushes to cultivate because of herdsmen, Bokoharam/ISWAP and kidnapers respectively. 

The Effect of Insecurity on Agricultural Production 

Clearly, food security has been threatened by the activities of gun men who kidnaps farmers and demand for huge ransom or kill them. 

Many peasant and commercial farmers in the country has diversified from farming to other businesses in order to avoid being raped or  killed. This has really threatened Agricultural production and outputs from the sector has drastically dropped, thereby hampering food security,  GDP and employment rate. 

The high population of workforce in the country  are farmers but ever since the rising of insurgency, the job of these farmers has been taken from them. While some can now barely feed their family from little or no farm produce, others now engage in alternatives that may have no positive effects on the economy. 

Government roles in food security 

The primary aim and responsibility of any government is to provide security for its citizens. When any government fails to protects her territorial integrity, securing her citizens,  many sphares of such economy fails and drains away. This is the case of the Nigerian economy as hunger rages for 2023, a year of general election for the giant of Africa as a result of insecurity. 

It not a new story neither is it new in the ears of the world that one set of people holds gun freely to threaten other people’s lives and properties with impunity and the government of the day does little or nothing about it. These carelessness has made the citizens lost hope of means of livelihood as most struggles to protect themselves with little or no resources. 

Recently in Kaduna state, Nigeria, a train was blown, killing several people while others were kidnapped. The gun men are yet to release those victims as they are demanding for 100 million naira from some of the victims, a money that avarage Nigerians can not see all through their life time. 

As farmers have ran out of the bushes for the fear of these criminals that have proved insurmountable to the government of the day, the crimilans have now graduated to surounding the main towns, going into houses in the night to freely adopt people. 

On 3rd April, 10 people were adopted while one was killed in Bagado, a place that is between new millennium city and Sabo Tasha. It was reported that the residence did no see the presence of the police, army or any other security even while the tension is still high. These is just few of many instances that have kept the people asking if the gun men are working for government of the day or the government is scared of them. 

Now that the citizens no longer have security in their farms and food production is threatened in 2022 raining season, what will be the fate of the poor masses? Hopefully the government will do something soon. 

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