How a tree in Karji juction killed a woman in her car


It was a scene of tears as Karji residence came out in mass during the rain to rescue a woman and her two children. The woman had packed her car at the Karji bustop while the breeze that ushered the rain was blowing. 

Unknown to her the popular tree at the karji junction where okada riders use to wait for passengers  suddenly fell on the car, killing her instantly before she could get help. The two children sustained no injury according to eyewitnesses.

The Barnawa police command swiftly intervened but as at the time they arrived, the woman had already gave up the ghost. 

Her body has been taken to the mortuary. 

Karji is a place located between Ungwan Maigaro, Janruwa,  karuna and Ungwan Rimi respectively.  It is a village/town located in Chikun Local Government area of Kaduna State and it is housing high population of Kaduna state university and Kadpoly Students respectively. 


Do not stand close to trees when it is raining with breeze to avoid being such a victim. 

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