How 100k i counted turned 10k – POS attender


Fraud is a punishable offense in almost all countries. This crime could be carried our through physical/face to face transactions. 

While the most common ones in the 21st century is done in internet, others have advanced to doing it face to face with their victims. 

Ibeh Ameh is a POS attender in Nariyi, a place located at the heart of Chikun Local Government Area, Kaduna State. On this faithful morning of 12th, she had set for work after her boss handovered cash to her for the transaction of the day. She had cleaned, sat down and prayed for a successful day then a young man came in to request that he would want her to transfer 100,000 naira to his personal account while he pays her the money in cash. She then told him about the charges and he agreed. 

The young man now brought out one bundle of one  thousand naira which is equal to 100k. She counted it and it was completed then she effected the transaction. 

According to her, during the process of the transaction, the guy was friendly but to the surprise of Ibeh after her strange customer left, the money turned to 10k when she recounted it.

“He came in so friendly, I have heard of this fraudulent incident before but i never suspected  this friendly young man. I counted the money to be one thousand naira notes times 100 pieces, how it turned to  three pieces of one thousand naira notes and the rest one hundred naira notes is what I can not explain. I saw one thousand naira note on top, at the middle then at the end, the rest between are 100 naira notes. This is what I saw at last.” Miss Ibeh Ameh explained.

While speaking to the boss, Mr Henry Emeka, he said he had warned Ibeh of the operations of those heartless fraudsters but he felt she never listened hence, the reason for her to have fell victim. 

Mr Henry reported the case to Barnawa police station and the attender has been arrested. Henry is demanding that the family should pay back the money, attributing the incidence to her carelessness. 

While interviewing the inspector of crime who happened to be the IPO of the case, Mrs Maria, she said: “we have handled several cases like this and we have been able to apprehend some of the perpetrators. The fraud is not done by magic but mere smartness, they would come so friendly like they are genuine customers but their agender is to inflict pain. What they do is that they would come with 1k notes times that amount they said they want to deposit then also hold another version of the money that has the 1k note on top, middle and end. While the attender counts the first one, they will then distract him or her with any forms of gimics. While the attender is distracted, they will then snick their hands to exchange the money. They are so smart and the people we have prosecuted explained this tricks to us.” 

While our reporter was still at Barnawa Police Station, the parents of the attender came in to bail her. They told our correspondent that they will repay mr Henry instalmentally until they pay the lost kobo as it was the fault of their daughter, how ever, they would not want Ibeh to continue working for Henry any more.

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