Akara/Kose (beans cake) seller acquires Benz.


Some jobs/businesses are usually termed menial and are always carried out by avarage income earners. While this perception is general in typical African society, a woman has proved  otherwise. 

Mrs Rose Adewale is a popular beans cake and pap seller around Ife,  close to Oduduwa university. The woman that is popularly known as mummy Akara has done her business in the same area for almost 15 years now and her popularity has grown over the years as car owners and notable personalities usually patronize her products. 

To show to the world that MSME jobs are also prestigious, Mrs Adewale has join the numbers of car owners as she purchased brand new benz, 2020 model. 

To attract Nigerians to her new prestige, she had severally and now habitually tied leaves she used in tying her akara on top of the expensive car, worth millions of naira which makes her customers to notice that she is the real owner of the car. 

Our correspondent, Odumu James who out of curiosity went to Ife to interview her gathered that this woman earns over 15k profit a day from her business and she does not go off even a day. 

According to Mrs Adewale, her business has earned her more than any genuine government work and she has being an employer of labour through her MSME. 

“I sell beans cake for a living but God has really blessed me in this Ife as I have been able to sponsor my children, build a house and have purchased a good car for my self from this my means of living. I am a graduate of University of Ibadan and I was a banker. When I got married, I could no longer continue my banking job as my husband felt very uncomfortable due to code of dressings. I picked this common business and I decided to advance it. No one should underrate any business.” She said.

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