We were given order to kill Civilians on 24th February-captured Russian Soldier helping Ukrainian civilians


The world is still in wow as a Russian soldier that was captured by Ukrainian forces said Russian invaders were given order to kill both Ukrainian militaries and civilians on 24th February, the first day the crisis escalated following Russia air strikes in Ukraine. 

According to the Captured Russian soldier, he was trying to stop fellow Russian Soldiers from killing two women before his kins men shoot him on his leg. He further stated that a lieutenant was killed by fellow Russians while trying to protect Civilians.

“Ukrainian forces began to shoot us from their hid-outs and then, while our soldiers (Russian Soldiers were being shot, a lieutenant and i were helping civilians within.” The captured soldier said.

On the two Ukrainian women they helped, the Russian soldier said, “The lieutenant swiftly move towards them and began to move them out from their car, shouting ‘come here’.

“In around 20 minutes, other Russian Soldiers noticed the lieutenant and I were saving Ukrainian civilians contrary to the order given. They then  shoot me and the lieutenant and the civilians we were saving.

“My lieutenant died and  they shoot the mother. She also died.

“The daughter and i began to advance back.  Fellow Russian forces began to shoot me in the legs.

“If not for this garage, my forces would have killed me as they had with the lieutenant and the mother. “

The soldier further said: “I manage to crawled to the car and the daughter put me in the backseat and drove off. This was after we both took cover by the garage till the shooting subsided. It was when the shooting calm that the daughter ran to the lifeless body of the mother to get the car keys.”

In a video, a narrator said, “Many Russian have already gone back. Many are fleeing home, soldiers don’t want to go to baseless war. What is war for? No one needs this war. No one wants it.

“Soldiers are against it and escaping home. The truth is they’re saying seven years in prison, so people are staying to fight baselessly. No one wants to go to jail, especially for 7 yrs.”

The narrator added: “they gathered us, gave us some documents, and asked us to say we’re ready to participate in a special operation in Ukraine.

“Even if you do not want to sign you will be asked to still go.”

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