Update on Rusian Ukraine War: South Africa to Mediate on negotiations


South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa said he had called his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and Putin agrees to embrace negotiations. 

The negotiations according to Ramaphosa, is ongoing in Turkey and South Africa as a member of BRICS is to serve as a mediator. 

The BRICS is an acronym formed from  five major fast growing  economies:

1. Brazil

2. Russia 



5.  South Africa. 

The BRICS popularly known for significant influence on affairs partaining regions. Since 2009, the BRICS governments countries have met annually at formal summits. 

Since the crisis began in Ukraine, world leaders have not been able to calm Putin as all past negotiations has not been fruitful towards stopping the ongoing killings in Ukraine.

It is a thing of joy that a BRICS member country like South Africa is weighing into the negotiation process and getting Russian Putin to embrace dialogue. There are reactions from experts that the phone conversation between Putin and Ramaphosa is a clear sign that BRICS respects and care about member state’s opinions. 

“Thanking His Excellency Presldent Vladimir Putin for taking my call today, so I could gain an understandıng of the situation that was unfolding between Russia and Ukraine.I outlined our position and the conflict that has unfolded as well as our belief that the contllct should be resolved through mediation and negotiatıon between the parties and if need be – with the help of agencies that can help bring a solution to the conflict.

“President Putin apprecialecd o balanced approach. We believe this posıtion can enable both parttes to subject the conflict to mediation and negotiation.

Based on our relations with the Russian Federation and as a member of BRICs, Sauth Africa has heen approached to play a mediation role. We are encouraged by the talks taking place and the meeting at the Foreign Ministery of Russia and Ukraine in turkey today.” Said president Cyril Ramaphosa. 

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