Ochesy’s Blog Presents A List Of Fifteen African Cities With The Highest Scores On The Cost Of Living Index. The Cost Of Living Index Compares The Average Expected Costs Of Basic Necessities Such As Food, Clothing, Entertainment, Healthcare, Etc. The list is provided by the Statista Cost of Living Index across Africa, dated 2021. Have you ever wondered how much it would cost you to live comfortably in a different city than yours? The Cost of Living Index can help you answer, as it compares the average projected costs of basic necessities like food, clothing, entertainment, healthcare, etc., across cities.

Cost of living is the amount of money needed to cover basic expenses such as housing, food, taxes, and health care in a place and a certain period of time. Cost of living is often used to compare the cost of living in one place. Against another city, the cost of living is linked to wages, if the expenses are high.All thanks to data from analysts, Ochesy’s blog who presents a record of  African towns that has the highest cost of living index scores. Note that ‘the cost of living index does not include accommodation expenses such as rent or mortgage,’ analysts clearly stated in their report.

About eight cities from two African countries dominated the list. In specific terms, there are four cities in South Africa and four cities in Morocco on the list. However, none of these eight have the highest cost of living index in Africa. Surprisingly, Nigeria’s mega city and commercial nerve center, Lagos, did not make the list. Only two cities in West Africa are on the list.

Here are 15 top African towns with the highest cost of living index

Addis Ababa: The Ethiopian capital has the highest score on the cost of living index in Africa at 58.92. It is clear that prices for consumer goods are very high in this city in the Horn of Africa, compared to other cities across the continent.

Abidjan: The Ivorian capital’s cost of living index is 55.73, making it the second highest in Africa.

Harare: The cost-of-living index for this Zimbabwean city is 52.33 as of 2021.

Johannesburg: This is the first city in South Africa on the list. The cost of living index score in Joburg, as it is fondly called by its residents, is 46.

Pretoria: This city, which serves as the seat of the executive territory of government in South Africa, is very expensive to live in. Its cost of living index score here is 44.7.

Gaborone: The cost of living index in Botswana’s capital is 42.84.

Cape Town: This is the third city in South Africa on the list and it has a cost of living index of 42.24.

Accra: This is the second West African city to make it to the list, along with Abidjan. The Ghanaian capital scored 42.18.

Marrakesh: This is one of Africa’s most famous cities, attracting tourists by the thousands. It is also a major economic center in Morocco. Therefore, it is not surprising to see it on this list, with a cost of living index of 41.73.

Windhoek: The capital and largest city of Namibia has a Cost of Living Index of 41.08.

Tangiers: This is the second Moroccan city on the list and it has an index of 40.18.

Durban: This is the last of the four cities in South Africa on this list. Durban’s Cost of Living Index score is 39.86.

Casablanca: This is the second largest city in Morocco and has a cost of living index of 39.81,

Nairobi: The Kenyan capital’s cost of living index is 38.51.

Rabat: Finally, the cost of living index in the Moroccan capital is 37.95.

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