Russia Ukraine war: Vladimir Zhoga, a Russian heroe who was the commander of Neo-Nazi Sparta Battalion has been killed

Updates on Russia Ukraine war:

Vladimir Zhoga, a Russian hero who was the commander of Neo-Nazi Sparta Battalion has been killed by Ukrainian forces in a deadly duel between the two sides (Russians and Ukrainian forces). The fight ensued following the 24th February invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces acting under the command of president Vladimir Putin. 

Vladimir Zhoga died within the eastern region of Ukraine, Volnovakha.

The death of Vladimir Zhoga was confirmed by the leader of the troops in breakaway around Donetsk on Saturday through an unconfirmed telegram channel.

“The Russian commander leading Sparta reconnaissance battalion,  Col. Vladimir Zhoga, has died a hero death in Volnovakha,” he said in the telegram channel.

There are mixed reactions trailing his death but many are presently saying that Vladimir Zhoga is a hero as he was working to help evacuate civilians after Rusia violated a seize fire agreement. The evacuation was taking place around volnovakha where the Russian forces  attacked Ukrainians. 

He joined  Russian-backed rebels around 2014 which was the same year in which the Moscow-backed  Neo-Nazi battalion militia was created.

The militia is responsible for Ukraine troop’s ordeals as they carried out most of the attacks and has been fighting in the Donbass since the rifts broke out some time 8 years ago. 

 Arsen Pavlov (aka Motorola), an ex-commander was accused of carrying out  war crimes. This was in Kyiv. Motorola died with an explosive device in the year 2016.

The death of Zhoga is yet a great blow for Rusian Putin after they lost two top officers in one week. Russian army has not been able to have territorial control on land as it was predicted 

Andrei Sukhovetsky, a Major General,  was killed at the battle fieled for Hostomel Air which is about 30 miles outside the capital.

Ukrainian forces defeated Spetsnaz special fighter’s air assault there. His death explains why Russian fighters failed to gain access in the airfield. The incident has also open up why the assault on Kyiv had stopped to some point.

In another news, Snipers believed to be Ukrainians also killed a Kremlin regional and a divisional commander in the Russian army.

Analysts says, the killing of Russian top officers is a clear sign some of their soldiers are  not well trained. This also follws a reason why some demoralised Russian soldiers had surrendered their weapons and pleaded for mercy from Ukrainians. 

An analyst says “it is an indication of frustration and setbacks – Russian soldiers are  trying to impose their selves on battlefield and also putting their lives at great risk.”

According to them,  Russian commanders have been defeated for six and suffered a great “psychological impact” by the “violence nature of the war”.

Ukraine has said its forces has killed atleast eleven thousand (11,000) Russian soldiers since the fight engulfed Ukraine territory.

In a separate report, Russia has gained ground in air strikes and many Ukrainian Civilians has been killed. 

In a Video that surfaced online, shows how a captured airman was being interviewed. He was interrogated in an angry way as “You are killing Ukrainians, you are a ba***rd”. The airman believed to be a pilot then pleaded that he was acting on an instruction. 

Another footage  shows a pilot belived to be Russian  with stains of  blood saying he was “not briefed” about his mission.

“Were you stupid or blind?” an interrogator fumes , with the troops saying they had maps from his plane showing bombing points.

Russia invasion has met with resistance and have also seen difficulties in several  embarrassing logistical failures and problems of supplies in Ukraine. 

Though Russia have one of the largest air forces in the world but Vladimir’s planes seem incapable of securing superiority over Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine forces said they have shot down at least forty-four (44) war  planes and forty-eight (48) helicopters belonging to Russia. Ukraine also claimed they blew up two hundred and eighty-five (285) war tanks, nine hundred and eighty-five (985) armoured cars and sixty (60) fuel tankers respectively.

The most detailed video of the Ukrainians and Russian war was released online yesterday. In the video that seems to be live coverage, helicopter belonging to Russian was blown down by a missile. This occured within Kozarovychi around  Kyiv Oblast, it is estimated to be approximately 25 miles from the capital of Ukraine.

Some said the helicopter is a Mil Mi-24 Hind gunship used by Soviet army in 1972 and named the “flying tank of the Soviet”.

The incident was the beginning of a quick downfall for the Russian forces – with reports of other five (5) warplanes and choppers being blown off.

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