Nigeria to be taken over by Terrorists -group.


Internally Displaced Persons chased away from their homes as a result of terrorist activities from atleast fity-one countries  are camping  in  7 states in Nigeria. The displaced persons will end up not voting in 2023 elections, says  human rights organisation, Stefanos Foundation. 

The people were displaced from their variouse states of residents to middle-belt, Nigeria due to the terrorist activities in sub Sahara and all over African countries that have found a new home in Nigeria. 

It is worthy of note that Nigeria has being under Bokoharam terrorist attack since 2013 and subsequently joined forces with other terrorist group from Somalia, Chad and also others outside the shores of Africa. 

Stefanos Foundation, a human rights organisation also raised fears that the attack of terrorists belived to come from Mauritania and other terrorist proned countries was a  plan to take over Nigeria territories in order to distablise the economy. 

“We clearly know that herdsmen do not  have home addresses in Nigeria. They are nomads by occupation, and sometimes they are citizens of Niger, Mauritania and other places in Africa and beyond. The question is,  could  it be a grand plan to chase Nigerians from their home and take over the country?

“Citizens of Nigeria should know that this is happening, armed foreigners invading Nigerian communities, displacing residence. It is note-worthy that this have not been addressed by the Nigerian  government. Where are we going?” it says.

The Programme Coordinator for the human right group, SF, Mark Lipdo, said these in an interview with news men  on the outcome of situation report on the security issues in Nigeria. The interview was hosted by Punch news paper and titled ‘Loud Silence’. This was published to remember  its 20th anniversary that it has being operating in Nigetia.

SF, Mark Lipdo said “One of the findings in our report is that there are communities that have been emptied  and the residents of such communities are now in internally displaced camps. We followed those communities to make some distinct investigations; we found out that there are over 51 internally displaced persons camps in 7 states of the Middle Belt, Nigeria”. 

“Right now, you will agree that independent national electoral commission is trying to bring out plan for elections in 2023, but at the moment our displaced citizens are complaining; they have not seen INEC officials; they are not in their communities; all polling units where they vote are not there. As I am talking to you, the wicked  bandits and the well armed herdsmen are currently chasing them in their communities. When are they going to have peace to  vote?

“This is our concern; we have 1 and half years to the general election; we don’t know what INEC is doing to address this, so we have drawn INEC to this. We are also drawing  the attention of the government and all National Human Rights Commission to consider the  displaced people. Our key plan is to never disenfranchise the displaced  people.”

“We see them in Katsina, Kano, Sokoto; , Zamfara, Plateau, Benue, Borno, Taraba; , Adamawa and the rest. The entire North is already infested with this displacement of people.

“like I said, the IDPs are in 51 different camps and it is there in our report. The are not in an organised camps. Let nobody tell you the statistics, we have researched. No one can tell you how many persons  are displaced; nobody can tell you that exactly.” Lipdo added. 

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