I know how to stop the Russian President says former adviser to Putin.

Millions of people around the world are now in doubt and skeptical about the mental state of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin since the invasion and the continuous destructions of lives and human valuables in Ukraine. 

To many, the Russia Ukrain war is a show of power while to others, it is strictly a mental problem on the side of the highly esteemed  President, Vladimir Putin.

On the french side, an insider source that is not far from the president, Emmanuel Macron, says the president of Russia is recently seen in a more solitary way.

In another findings, Condoleeza Rice, a former United state secretary of State says they have not seen Putin in this way before, “We only know Putin as cold, comely and calculated being, he is now erratic”, Rice said. Robert Gates, Another fomer US Secretary, Had told CNNPutin has ‘gone off his rails’.

According to Putin’s former adviser, the Russian president is healthy mentally and he is well articulated and calculated in all he is doing. The former adviser says stopping Putin will take only resistance as the Ukrainians has rightly done since the agression.

Andrei Illarionov who is the special adviser to Vladimir Putin between 2000 and 2005 expressed his certainty about the good mental state of Putin, expressing that the Russian president has no mental issues no matter how the world has viewed it.

Following the invasion of Ukraine on 24th Febraury, 2022 by Russian forces, economics analysts have predicted that Russian economy may end up crushing within or after the war following sanctions from EU and other strong countries around the world. 

Though the Ukrainians have highly resisted the invasion and aggression since the attack on 24th February but the both sides continue to lost human and non human resources. Ukraine is the worse hit in this scenario as the battle ground lays within the Ukraine terrain. 

Andrei Illarionov described Putin as a man who is always calculated, persistent and concentrated in all he does. 

Illarionov dismissed the idea of sanctions as a no solution to the situation in Ukraine. He explained that the Russian people led by Vladimir Putin will never stop the War in Ukraine except they are resisted.

According to Andrei, Putin knows what he is aiming and all his policies are geared towards its achievements. He further stated that nothing can stop  Vladimir Putin from attaining his goals in Europe and Ukraine except he is resisted by a formidable force produced by the Ukrainian forces who have already put up heroic attributes. 

Andrei maintains that the world should not be distracted by the mental perception of the Rusian president as he is well, calculated and good at getting what he want at all cost. 

According to the Ukrainian government, they claims that more than 2,000 civilians have been killed since the war started.

According to defense minister for the Rusians, at least 500 Rusian forces has been killed and atleast 1500 others injured while the Ukrainian forces claimed that the figure of casualties on the side of the Russian forces is more. 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy had written to NATO to place air sanction of “no fly zone” in order to avoid air strike on Ukrainans but NATO has paid a deaf ear to the plea.

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