Harmony was last seen in 2019. Harmony father and stepmother have been arrested in connection with her disappearance. The Police in New Hampshire, Greater Manchester said the girlfriend of Harmony’s father Montgomery has been found dead in New Hampshire.

A police public relation said Kelsey Small died on March 13 in Manchester, without revealing additional details. Though the actual cause of death is pending, it is not considered suspicious. The deceased was the girlfriend of Adam Montgomery, the father of the little girl the police have been searching for since they learned of her disappearance late last year. The 8l7-year-old was last seen in 2019. Greater Manchester Police said the girl’s disappearance was ‘extremely concerning’ and that it was ‘subject to a thorough investigation.’ The police are working on the assumption that Harmony is alive.

Small was not linked to the disappearance but spoke to police about Harmony in December. In an affidavit, officers found Small and Adam Montgomery sleeping in their car in Manchester.

Small told investigators that she had been in a relationship with Adam Montgomery for over a year, and said he had not had contact with his children. Small said Adam Montgomery never talked about Harmony and didn’t know where the girl might be, as stated in the affidavit. Adam Montgomery was charged with felony second-degree assault, interfering with custody, and two misdemeanor counts of endangering a child’s well-being. The assault charge came in an incident in July 2019 when Adam Montgomery allegedly confessed to his concerned uncle that he gave Harmony a black eye after she failed to prevent her little brother from crying, according to an affidavit. Kayla Montgomery has been charged with welfare fraud after she was accused of collecting more than $1,500 in food stamp benefits for Harmony, even though the girl was no longer living in their house. Both pleaded their innocence. According to investigators, Kayla Montgomery said her husband told her in late 2019 that Harmony had moved back to live with her mother. Adam Montgomery, who had legal custody at the time of the disappearance, allegedly told police that Harmony’s mother, Crystal Surrey, had picked up the girl to live with her.

No Syrian has been charged with any wrongdoing. She previously said she had been trying to track down her daughter since April 2019 and made calls to nearby schools and the New Hampshire Department of Children, Youth and Families.

She told NBC Boston in January that she had been ‘begging for any kind of answer’ since she last spoke to her daughter nearly three years ago.

‘Truly, I don’t feel like she’s gone. My heart just don’t feel it,’ Suri said. ‘It like, I don’t feel like I lost her. And mommy knows, mommy knows if your baby is here or not. I know she’s here.’

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