Germany launch first transparent car.


In the world of technology, innovation abounds. A world of changes and dynamism that  every thing tend to be advancing, especially in the western world where priority is given to human resource development. 

Germany, a country known for ancient to modern technology has yet given the world a beautiful looking and transparent car. A car that is so transparent that the people inside may think they are in a glass house while the people outside would think the people in the car are actually outside. 

A compnay called ZF operating in Germany like Mercedes and every other licensed car companies inaugurated the first transperent car during a car show in the country. According to one of the company employees, described  ZF product as, “one of it’s kind and a much anticipated brand to the world”

To many, transparent cars will help security personnels to easily peep into the activities of citizens while to others, it is a show of “no privacy for commuters.”

Speaking on the Frankfurt Auto Show IAA press day in Germany, the safety officers represented says the car is designed to curb accidents on the road as it is fitted with several conventional and modern safety gadgets that will help actualize  safety goals. 

The Global automotive safety (TRW), a company that specializes on road safety measures used a life-sized acrylic car in showing the internal features of the safety systems that can foresee road conditions. According to them, future cars will now be incorporating the same technology inorder to reduce road crashes. 

Notable personalities cruised the innovated transparent  car that was dubbed, ‘one of it kind’ around the scene of the company’s press day hosting venue.

Amongst the gadgets displayed include  airbags, active braking and steering systems created to maneuver an unforeseen danger in an  automatic way.

The car is well fitted with sensors that can see and navigate incase there are packed objects at certain distance, sees pedestrians from afar and give certain signs for the driver to note. 

Another feature is the seat belt system built in it. It auto adjust to the demand of the users which makes it easy and free of stress, unlike  manual adjustment as it is common with conventional cars. The seat belt system in the transparent ZF product would reduce colition in crashes. 

Fuel economy, electrical power steering for easy drive, etc. 

TRW is the partner company that supplied most of the safety gadget in ZF transparent car. They are the champion automotive safety supplier accross Europ. They supplies safety accessories to Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

 CEO of ZF company, John Plant said: “Over the next 10 years, active safety systems (ASS)  shall continue to be intelligent as the company keep increasing their efforts towards curbing road crashes accross Europ and the world at large.

“More gadgets will be brought in that will work  in situations in addition to the providing of emergency support when need arises.”

See the pictures of the transparent cars beow..

Side view from the driver side
Front view
Front view
A model cruising the transparent car
Germany transparent car
The transperent Germany car

Image source: google.

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