The concept of insurance is based on contract, represented by a policy, in which an individual or entity receives financial protection or compensation for losses from the insurance company. The company aggregates customer risk to make payments affordable to the insured.

Insurance policies are used to hedge the risk of financial losses, large and small, that may result from damage to the insured or his property, or from liability for damage or injury to a third party.

When you work hard for everything you own, you need to make sure to protect it in case anything unfortunate happens.It’s on this premise that Ochesy blog takes you shoping to find the cover you want at a bonus price tailored to your needs and circumstances under the following 25 insurance companies:


The American International Group (AIG) entered the insurance market in 1919. Today, the insurance company operates worldwide, providing financial services, general property and casualty insurance products, and retirement and investment services. The company sells health insurance, personal accident insurance, and travel insurance In the US market. AIG also offers individual life insurance, including permanent life and life insurance policies.

The company is ranked 7th best life insurance companies for 2022, and 2nd for cheapest life insurance companies for 2022,

 7th in Best Life Insurance 2022, 3rd in Best Whole Life Insurance 2022, 5th in Best Comprehensive Life 2022, 3rd in Best Nonmedical Life Insurance 2022, and

Fourth place in the best life insurance companies for seniors for the year 2022. AM Best gives AIG a financial strength rating of “A” (excellent), which means the carrier can meet its claims obligations. It’s also sells life insurance products in all states and offers some of the lowest term life rates in our rating.

AIG life insurance products include life, whole life and universal life insurance policies. Although AIG offers levels of coverage that may be able to provide adequate protection for most American families, its policies may not provide sufficient financial security for high net worth individuals. And while some providers offer lifetime insurance policies without tests, AIG does not. Nevertheless, the company offers lifetime no-exam coverage for seniors (ages 50-80) and no-test policies for eligible Universal Life applicants. AIG policies that are guaranteed for life have benefits that many seniors may need, such as chronic disease and chronic disease benefits. Lifetime applicants can choose riders who extend coverage to their children and provide greater financial security when faced with a disability or terminal illness. 

AIG may meet the needs of most life insurance shoppers, offering both life and permanent insurance policies. Term life rates are among the lowest in our ranking and Life Longevity products provide coverage for seniors, young adults and their children. AIG may be a good choice for individuals who need less than $2 million in life insurance coverage with over 100 years in the insurance business.


Established in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1905, Lincoln National Life Insurance Company was named after Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s son Robert Todd Lincoln allowed the company to use the name and the likeness of Abraham Lincoln, which remains part of the company’s logo. Lincoln Financial Group today provides insurance and financial planning solutions to individuals and employers.

Lincoln is ranked 5th in Best Life Insurance Companies of 2022, 5th in Best Term Life Insurance Companies of 2022 and 3rd in Best Universal Life Insurance Companies of 2022.

The Financial group offers 10- to 30-year term policies, as well as general policies that build cash value for qualified applicants. Term policies can also be converted into public policies, provided you are under 70 years of age. Based on the scheme you get, there are coverage options of $1 million or more. Those ages 18 to 60, in excellent health, and looking for a policy of $1 million or less, also do not need to complete a medical exam to qualify for coverage.Based on the data we collected, Lincoln Financial’s term life insurance rates are on par with the other companies in our rankings.

You won’t find lifetime policies with Lincoln Financial. This is another type of permanent life insurance that builds tax-deferred cash value. Lincoln only offers Term-Life and Universal-Life policies, not all of which are available online. For example, if you want a LifeElements term policy, you must apply over the phone. The life options insurance at Lincoln Financial are relatively flexible, offering high coverage limits and the ability to skip a medical exam. You won’t find particularly low prices with their products, and some application methods are less convenient than others. But, in general, they provide access to a wide range of coverage options.

Compared to our top-rated life insurance company, Lincoln Financial’s rates are average. For example, a 20-year and $1 million insurance policy for a 35-year-old non-smoker costs $66.90 a month. Such premium for a similar policy from AIG would cost $54.56 per month. But MassMutual will charge $92.55.

Factors such as age, amount of coverage, gender, and type of coverage (duration or permanent) will affect how much you pay for life insurance. If you choose to purchase passengers or extras, this will also affect your costs.

However, keep in mind that these numbers are based on a specific type of individual, so they may not reflect what you will pay for coverage. For example, a smoker looking for permanent life insurance may pay more than a non-smoker. Conversely, if you are 25 years old instead of 35 and in excellent health, you may pay less.


With direct written premiums of $176.7 billion and market share of 14.1%, UnitedHealth Group’s core capabilities are clinical expertise, advanced technology, data and health information.

UnitedHealth Group serves customers and consumers in the United States and more than 130 other countries through two distinct platforms: UnitedHealthcare provides health care services, coverage and benefits, while Optum provides health services based on information and technology. The UnitedHealth group invests not less than $4 billion in technology and innovation and processes approximately 1.1 trillion transactions annually.


The company has direct written premiums of $104.2 billion and market share of 8.3%.

The Foundation Health Plan, Inc. is a non-profit healthcare organization which offers allergy, audiology, cardiology, dermatology, oncology, geriatric care, laboratory, nephrology, occupational therapy, pain management, pediatric rehabilitation, and pharmacy services. Kaiser foundation serves patients in the United States.


Its first online approach makes it an excellent long-term life insurance option where clients can apply for and manage their life insurance policy online. This Haven Life review details these costs, policies, and other frequently asked questions, to help you choose the best life insurance provider for your needs.

The company, established in 2014 and headquartered in New York City, is a relatively new addition to the insurance market. Haven Life aims to offer life insurance policies that are affordable and easy to manage online, without the usual hassles of shopping for insurance. Haven Life is a digital insurance agency whose policies are issued by MassMutual or a MassMutual affiliate.

Heaven Life is ranked 1st in Best Life Insurance Companies of 2022, 1st in Best Term Life Insurance Companies of 2022 it is also ranked the 1st in Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance Companies of 2022. Limited to age 64 and under,

HavenLife has two different life policies that range from five to 30 years and cover amounts of up to $3 million. The standard term requires a medical examination for most applications. The simple term policy is free of tests.

These policies come with the Life Plus add-on, which is included in the premium. This add-on gives policyholders benefits such as single or couples trust, Aaptiv, and a 15% discount on CVS MinuteClinic service. The main drawback is that Haven Life does not offer permanent life insurance. This means that you cannot convert a term policy into permanent coverage. The company also requires applicants to be 64 or younger to qualify for new policies.

Prices from Haven can also be higher than you might find from other companies in our ranking, although it’s not the most expensive life insurance option. Heven life’s Premiums remain the same for the term of the policy. Haven Life’s life insurance policies are flexible when it comes to length and coverage amounts. Their policies can be expensive and limited, depending on your needs. But for those who qualify and want a lifetime insurance policy, its coverage offers a great deal of benefits.

 Life insurance cost varies due to several factors, some of which are:




Coverage amount

If you purchase a passenger, or optional coverage

if you smoke

Health and medical history

If you take up risky hobbies

Furthermore, payments must come out of a pre-authorized checking account, so you cannot pay with a credit card. It is also important to note that while most policies can be renewed, the new monthly premium will be higher. Below are pricing details for people of all ages, genders and average health.

Table with 6 columns and 5 rows. Rows 1-5 are currently displayed.

Age Amount Policy Female A male medical examination is required

$35 1,000,000 for 20 years $81.16 $90.63 sometimes

$40 1,000,000 for 20 years $99.25 $129.39 for occasional

$45 $1,000,000 for 20 years $154.36 $206.90 sometimes

$55 1,000,000 for 20 years $352.45 $523.85 for occasional

$65 $1,000,000 by 20 years $1,055.25 $1,640.91 years.


Health Care Service Corporation has direct written premiums worth $42 billion and market share of 3.4%. The Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) is a mutual statutory reserve company, is the largest customer-owned health care insurance company in the United States. HCSC offers their services to more than 16 million members in five states — Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas — and employs more than 23,000 people in more than 60 local offices.

HCSC offers a diverse range of life and health insurance products and related services through its subsidiaries and affiliates, including The Dearborn Group, Medicision, American Dental Network, HCSC Insurance Service Company, Prime Therapeutics, Availity, and TriWest Healthcare Alliance.


It has a direct written premiums of $31.8 billion and market share of 2.5%.

Cigna Corporation is a global health services organization with more than 165 million client and patient relationships in more than 30 countries and jurisdictions. Its insurance plans and products include health insurance for individuals and families, dental insurance plans, Medicare plans, Medicare supplement plans, other supplemental insurance, and international health insurance.


The MassMutual insurance was established in 1851 and is headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts. In addition to a variety of life insurance policies, MassMutual offers retirement planning, investment management services, and financial wellness expertise on topics such as estate planning and savings for college. Business owners can use MassMutual to manage business insurance and employee benefit packages, such as group life and pension insurance.

MassMutual is ranked number twelve in best Life Insurance Companies of 2022, number twelve in best Life Insurance Companies of 2022, no seven in best Whole Life Insurance Companies for 2022, number ten in best Comprehensive Life Insurance Companies 2022 and number eight in best Life Insurance for Seniors 2022 

Available nationwide, MassMutual offers 15 major products in three categories: long-term life, comprehensive, and universal. Within these categories, policies can be customized to suit your individual needs. With each and a certain universality

With some macro and global policies, you can build monetary value over the life of the policy. You can borrow for this cash value and use that money for expenses like emergencies or end-of-life care. In addition, some life insurance policies pay a dividend to policyholders.

MassMutual sells most life insurance products through financial agents or advisors, so it may not be suitable if you are interested in purchasing and managing life insurance online. MassMutual does not offer many online tools or services.

Another thing to keep in mind is that compared to the other companies in our ranking, their rates tend to be on the higher side.

While MassMutual has been rated A++ by AM Best for superior financial strength, which means the company is able to pay claims, the company’s insurance products typically tend to be priced higher than its competitors.

MassMutual offers a good variety of long-term, full and comprehensive life insurance products to consumers across the country, but rates tend to be higher on average than the companies in our ranking. Many insurance products also require not only a medical exam, but also the products being purchased through an agent or financial advisor.


With direct written premiums of $73.9 billion and market share of 5.9%, Cultural Humana is aligned with helping members achieve their best health by providing personalized, simplified and complete healthcare experiences. Recognizing the ever-evolving healthcare needs of every individual, family and community, Humana creates innovative solutions and resources to help people live their healthiest lives on their terms – when and where they need it. 

10. CVS

With direct written premiums of $69 billion

and market share of 5.5%, CVS Health is a healthcare innovation company that aims to help people on their path to better health. Via its health services, plans, and community pharmacists, it is pioneering a new approach to holistic health.

The company has more than 9,900 retail locations, nearly 1,100 open medical clinics, a pharmacy benefits manager with approximately 100 million plan members, a diversified healthcare benefit company serving approximately 23.4 million medical members, a pharmacy care business serving more than 1 million Patients annually, expanding specialty pharmacy services, and an independent Part D prescription drug plan.


The company, Transamerica insurance was founded in San Francisco in 1904 as a bank.  Services ranging from retirement services, mutual funds, and  annuities as well as a variety of life insurance policies are what Transamerica insurance is known for. Services are available to companies and individuals. Although the company maintains offices in its iconic pyramidal skyscraper in San Francisco, Transamerica is now headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The company is ranked 14th in Best Life Insurance Companies for 2022,

5th in Cheapest Life Insurance Companies for 2022, 14th in Best Life Insurance Companies for 2022, 8th in best Whole Life Insurance Companies for 2022, 12th in Best Universal Life Insurance Companies for 2022, 8th in best Life Insurance Without Testing 2022 and 3rd in best Life Insurance for Seniors 2022.

Transamerica offers several products under the comprehensive, full and indexed life insurance categories. A variety of riders are also available so you can customize Your policy to get the coverage you need. The company however  provides fewer products overall than other life insurance agencies.

Most policies offer coverage starts at $25,000. In addition to the tax-deductible death benefit, indexed and whole life policies may also create a tax-deferred cash value that you can access during your lifetime. With long term and whole life insurance, premiums are guaranteed so you can budget accordingly.

Transamerica offers many products across categories of universal, full, and indexed life insurance, but the selection is not as diverse as other life insurance companies. However, you may be able to find the right coverage for your needs, especially with the additional riders it offers.


This joint venture company was founded in New York City in 1860 and provides individual life insurance, Investment management, disability and retirement planning, among other types of individual insurance, are available. Guardian Life Insurance Company also offers business, insurance, and benefits, such as 401(k) plans.

The Guardian insurance is ranked 15th in Best Life Insurance Companies for 2022, 3rd Cheapest Life Insurance Companies for 2022, 15th in Best Life Insurance Companies for 2022, 9th in Best Whole Life Insurance Companies for 2022, and 13th in Best Comprehensive Life Insurance Policies for 2022.

Guardian offers three main types of life insurance: temporary life, comprehensive life, and whole life.

Life insurance is available for 10-30 years and coverage starts at $100,000. The age you can buy if you are between 18 and 75 years old, depends on the length of time.

Life insurance is available for 10-30 years and coverage starts at $100,000. The age you can buy if you are between 18 and 75 years old, depends on the length of time.

For a 10-year life insurance policy, you must be between 18 and 75 years old; For a 30-year life insurance policy, the age range is 18 to 55. A trustee’s fixed-term life insurance can eventually be converted into a permanent life insurance policy. Guardian comprehensive life policies are available for ages 18 to 85. Guardian policies for life can earn dividends. But while Guardian has been issuing dividends to holders of whole life insurance policies since 1868, some of its life policies do not begin issuing dividends until the third year of the policy. Discuss this with your insurance agent to find out more.

While you can get an initial quote for life insurance for a fixed term, you will need to contact an agent to apply for a policy. Comprehensive and comprehensive insurance is only available through an insurance agent. If you have HIV, you may still be able to get a comprehensive or life insurance policy through Guardian. To qualify, you will need to meet certain criteria, such as being between the ages of 20 to 60 and being on high ART for the past two years with good results.

Guardian offers flexible life insurance policies to individuals up to age 75 and, depending on the policy, permanent life insurance for people up to age 85. Policyholders with permanent life insurance from Guardian can earn dividends. Guardian Life base insurance policies are affordable, with rates starting at around $57 a month.


Mutual of Omaha dates back to 1909 and operates as a joint venture company based in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to life insurance, it provides supplemental Medicare insurance, disability income insurance, and long-term care insurance. Mutual of Omaha also offers financial services including mortgages and annuities available as well.

Mutual of Omaha is ranked 11th in Best Life Insurance Companies for 2022, 11th in Best Life Insurance Companies for 2022, 6th in Best Whole Life Insurance Companies for 2022, 9th in Best Comprehensive Life Insurance Companies for 2022, 6th in Best Untested Life Insurance for 2022 and 2nd in Best Life Insurance for Seniors 2022. Omaha’s long-term insurance policies starts at $100,000, with a term of 10 to 30 years. The company gives policyholders the option to convert life insurance policies into permanent life insurance and issues some life insurance products up to age 80.


Anthem insurance has direct written premiums of $76.9 billion

With market share of 6.2%. Anthem Inc. is a health benefits company committed to improving lives and communities and making healthcare simpler. Anthem, through its subsidiaries, serves more than 106 million people, including more than 42 million under its suite of health plans. Striving to be the most creative, valuable and inclusive partner.

The Group’s health plans have created numerous HMOs, PPOs, network-based dental products, various mixed and specialty products, and health plan services that combine features consumers find attractive with cost-effective technologies. Individuals and groups of employers can choose from basic and comprehensive plans to meet their specific needs. A wide range of related niche products and other services are also available, including Flexible Spending Accounts and COBRA Management.


This is a company with direct Written Premiums of  $75 billion and m arket share of 6%. Centene Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is a diversified, multinational healthcare company that provides a range of services to government-sponsored healthcare programs, with a focus on uninsured and underinsured individuals. It operates in 50 countries and three international markets and has more than 25 million managed care members.

The corporation runs local health plans and offers a range of health insurance solutions. Also, it contracts with other health care and commercial organizations to provide specialized services, ranging from behavioral health, dental benefits, life and health, and pharmacy benefits management to care management programs, correctional health care services, home health services, managed vision, and specialty pharmacy and care services. remote health.


Banner Life, owned by Legal & General America, offers two life insurance products – life and comprehensive. This may appeal to those who want to keep the life insurance purchase process as simple as possible, but it means Banner Life may not be the best choice for people looking for customizable life insurance solutions.

Banner insurance company is ranked 9th in Best Life Insurance Companies of 2022, 1st in the cheapest life insurance companies for 2022, 9th in Best Life Insurance Companies for 2022, 7th in Best Universal Life Insurance Companies for 2022 and 5th in Best Life Insurance for Seniors 2022 (Tie)

Banner Life offers two main types of life insurance policies: life insurance and comprehensive life. Terms range from 10 to 40 years in 5-year increments. Banner offers life insurance to Americans ages 20 to 80, with coverage amounts starting at $100,000 for a life insurance policy. Policyholders have the option to renew and convert to a permanent policy. And while policyholders can handle passengers, there aren’t a lot of options to choose from.

Banner Life Comprehensive Life Insurance can be purchased when the policyholder is between the ages of 50 and 80, and it offers an advantage up to 121. An attractive feature is that there is flexibility in premium payments, and you can choose to lower your death interest if your needs or situation changes. According to our ratings, Banner Life offers affordable premiums to its policies over the basic term.

According to  analysis, Banner Life insurance has the lowest term life insurance premiums among the insurance companies we looked at. Duration and inclusive life are available, but the riders available are limited, which can make it difficult to customize a policy. While you can get a quote or file a claim online, there isn’t much digital or mobile app potential. Standard policy and coverage at $1 million in average health, a 35-year-old female can pay $46.63. A male of the same age can be around $61.


Prudential Financial is the largest life insurance company in the United States on an asset basis and the second largest on a net premium basis. The company was established in 1875 as the Prudential Friendly Society. Currently, Prudential operates in not less than 45 countries and provides products to businesses and individuals. Prudential insurance is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey.

The company is ranked 12th in Best Life Insurance Companies of 2022, 12th in Best Life Insurance Companies of 2022, 10th in Best Comprehensive Life Insurance Companies 2022 and 7th in Best Life Insurance Without Exams 2022

Prudential offers 12 major life insurance products that qualify for life insurance or comprehensive insurance. Within these products, it is possible to choose a life insurance plan that provides the coverage you need within your budget. Most life insurance policies are available to anyone between the ages of 18 and 75 with coverage starting at $100,000 per policy. Typical terms include 1 year, 10, 15, 20 and 30 years, and premiums are guaranteed to stay the same for life.

Prudential’s comprehensive life insurance plans are available to anyone up to age 85, and also offers several options with lifetime coverage starting at $25,000 per policy. These are available in flexible installments, so that, with limits, you can choose the payments that fit your budget. Additionally, these plans include a tax-free death benefit, and many offer tax-deferred cash value that you can access as needed, such as during retirement.

Unlike many other insurance companies, Prudential does not offer any discounts when you combine the purchase of life insurance with other insurance products such as homeowners and auto insurance. As such, you may find better rates with other insurance companies when you put a discount in packages.

Prudential offers a variety of comprehensive and life insurance policies, so you’re likely to find one that meets your coverage needs and budget. Not withstanding, without any deductions for bundling life insurance with other insurance products, the rates can be higher than those of other insurance companies.


Northwestern Mutual, headquartered in Milwaukee, was founded in 1857 and has been for years in the financial services industry. Northwestern Mutual offers permanent and permanent life policies. Semester policies expire after a certain period of time, and permanent policies build cash value that can be used to cover expenses such as college tuition fees.

Northwestern Mutual is anked 3rd in Best Life Insurance Companies of 2022, 3rd in Best Term Life Insurance Companies of 2022 and 1st in Best Whole Life Insurance Companies of 2022. It is also rated the1st in Best Universal Life Insurance Companies of 2022 and 1st in Best Life Insurance for Seniors of 2022.

Term policies are short-term plans, lasting 10-20 years, until you are 80 years old. You have the option to convert the policy to a full life policy. The company’s perpetual policies include both global and global. There are a variety of add-ons that will cost you extra money.

You can get a price estimate using the online Northwestern Mutual Calculator. But if you want to get a detailed quote or start the application process, you will need to contact a licensed agent. Northwestern Mutual offers a variety of life insurance products that have flexible coverage options. But due to the lack of information on its website, it is difficult to determine whether it is affordable, without policy holders talking to a financial advisor. prices of these policies with any company is subject to several factors. For example, younger, healthier people tend to pay less money than older people with existing health conditions. And permanent policies, such as total or universal, will generally cost more.

To help give you context, let’s take a look at the costs of a 35-year-old non-smoker who is in average health. The 20-year policy with $1 million coverage costs $54.24 per month from Banner Life but $167.17 per month from New York Life. Keep in mind that these prices are based on a specific type of person and may not reflect what you will pay.

Life insurance companies usually take into account the following:



Public Health

High-risk jobs or hobbies

smoking habits


If you are interested in learning more about policy costs from Northwestern Mutual, contact one of the company’s advisors.

To price other companies’ costs, visit our life insurance pricing guide. For information on the cheapest life insurance, visit our Cheapest Life Insurance Companies for 2022 page.


Founded in Boston and named after one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, John Hancock offers a variety of financial services in addition to the company’s life insurance offerings. John Hancock was ranked 5th in Best Life Insurance Companies 2022, 5th in Best Life Insurance Companies 2022 and 3rd in Best Life Insurance Companies 2022.

John Hancock offers both comprehensive and term life insurance. The term policy has very high coverage limits (up to $65 million) and tenures between 10 and 30 years. However, it should be noted that the minimum coverage amount for these policies is $750,000, which may be more than some people need or want. Public policies, which build cash value over time, come with adjustable premiums. The scope limits for these policies range from $50,000 to $65 million. Also, these products can be purchased on behalf of children as young as three months old.

If you’re looking to customize life insurance, John Hancock also has a wide selection of commuter, also known as add-ons, and wellness programs available. For example, there’s the John Hancock Aspire, which provides resources like online counseling and health coaching for insurance policyholders with diabetes, as well as discounts on select purchases.

However, if you’re looking for lifetime policies – another type of permanent coverage – you won’t find that option with John Hancock. Compared to the other life insurance companies included in our ranking, John Hancock rates are mid to high. John Hancock life insurance products have high coverage limits and can be customized with riders and other programs. However, not all consumers will find the coverage options they are looking for from the company, and they can be more expensive than others.

Unlike the men, women also tend to pay less  for the same amount of coverage. Since there are many factors, the best way to understand how much you will pay for coverage is to get a quote because it depends on your individual circumstances.

To help you get a baseline of costs from John Hancock, take a look at the costs of a million dollar policy for 20 years at different ages. It is dependent on a non-smoker who is in average health. For context, rates for policies and similar coverage amounts from other high-profile insurers range from $46.63 to $142.67 for a 35-year-old woman.


Based in Dallas, Texas, Bestow was established in 2016 and offers long-term life insurance policies. Bestow acts as an authorized agent and partners with insurance companies, such as the North American Life and Health Insurance Corporation, that issue policies. Bestow is ranked 2nd in Best Life Insurance Companies of 2022, 2nd in Best Term Life Insurance Companies of 2022 and 2nd in Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance Companies of 2022. Bestow is a solid choice if you are looking for affordable lifetime insurance. Their policies are for those between the ages of 18 and 60, and you can choose a tenure of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

The entire application process is digital. In lieu of a medical exam, Bestow will also look at your driving records, prescription history, credit file, and any previous attempts to purchase insurance during the application process. Bestow’s current coverage amounts are low, starting at $50,000 and going up to $1,500,000. There are no riders currently available. If you want higher limits or add to your standard policy, you may want to look to Bestow’s competitors.

If you’re shopping for life insurance, aren’t 60 or over, and don’t need a high coverage amount, Bestow is a strong contender. Bestow offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a full refund will be issued to you. Since Bestow is fully digital, it may not be a perfect fit if you’d rather talk to a person or work with an agent. Usually, the cost of insurance can vary and depends on a few factors based on your particular situation, such as age, health, medical history, gender, where you live, family health history, and hobbies. Other factors, such as lifestyle and participation in what is considered risky behavior, can affect your rates. The cost also depends on the term and amount of coverage you choose.

If you’re on a tight budget, it’s a good idea to do a little comparison shopping to determine the range of the cheapest life insurance companies. When you do this, get quotes based on the same variables and coverage amounts. 


Established in 1922,  State Farm insurance was shaped as an auto insurance company and today functions as a joint venture with 85 million valid policies and accounts. Products include life insurance, home and renters insurance, auto and specialty vehicle insurance, health insurance, liability insurance, and disability insurance. Additionally, State Farm has partnered with Trupanion to offer pet insurance. The company also offers loans for home and car purchases, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and a variety of other investments and financial services. It is headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois.

State Farm is ranked 7th in Best Life Insurance Companies of 2022,

4th in Cheapest Life Insurance Companies of 2022, 7th in Best Term Life Insurance Companies of 2022, 3th in Best Whole Life Insurance Companies of 2022,

5th in Best Universal Life Insurance Companies of 2022 3rd in Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance Companies of 2022, and 7th in Best Life Insurance Companies for Seniors of 2022.

In our analysis of the best life insurance companies for 2021, State Farm ranked seventh, with a score of 3.9. The company offers several products in both universal and comprehensive life insurance categories, which means potential customers can shop for coverage that meets their specific needs and, in most cases, customize policies through passengers. The firm also provides an option called Comprehensive Survival Life Insurance, which is only available from about half of the companies on our rankings.

The company ranked fourth among the cheapest insurance companies in our ranking, with a monthly premium model of $62.19 for a 20-year, $1 million insurance policy for a 35-year-old non-smoker applicant in average health. You can pay your premiums online, through automatic billing, by mail, or in person. State Farm Life insurance is available in all states except Massachusetts and Rhode Island, currently.

Choosing a provider that fits your specific needs is essential, and State Farm offers several insurance coverage options. The company scores well in most categories in our rankings, including being fourth in our cheapest life insurance company and coming in at number seven in our ranking of best life insurance companies for 2022.

In our ranking of the cheapest life insurance companies, State Farm comes in at number four. The average monthly premium for a 20-year, $1 million insurance policy for non-smokers applicants in average health is as follows:

35 years old: $62.19

45 years old: $134.44

55 years old: $329.74

65 years old: $1,006.64

The cost more than doubles between the ages of 35 and 45, rises about 145% between the ages of 45 and 55, and rises by more than 200% between the ages of 55 and 65. The earlier you buy life insurance, the better your chances of getting (and insuring) an affordable premium the cost.

State Farm life insurance coverage calculator asks potential clients to consider factors such as marital status, age, location, living status, mortgage and other debts, children or other dependents, current income, present assets, and other priorities such as charitable giving.

For more information about life insurance policy costs, visit our life insurance quotes page. Most State Farm life insurance policies offer a multi-line discount for purchasing multiple insurance policies, such as a combination of auto and life insurance. For more information on inexpensive life insurance, visit our Cheapest Life Insurance Companies for 2022 page.


The New York Life was established more than 175 years ago. Today, it operates as a joint venture, has paid dividends to policyholders for 166 consecutive years and is headquartered in New York City. New York Life offers long-term policies that expire after a specified period of time and a permanent life insurance policy that provides long-term coverage and yields cash value over time. Dividends are paid on some permanent life insurance policies. The monetary value can be used to pay for things like higher education or retirement.

Unfortunately, you won’t find many important details about coverage and eligibility requirements on the New York Life website. For example, its Whole Life Insurance page doesn’t detail the maximum amount of coverage available or lifespan deadlines. Depending on the type of policy, coverage can exceed $1 million. New York Life lists the riders, also known as add-ons, available for its life insurance policies. According to  data available from analysts, New York Life has the most expensive coverage for high-profile insurers.

New York Life offers a wide range of life insurance policy options and ways to customize coverage, but it comes at a high price. Those interested will need to contact an agent for in-depth information about potential coverage as well as rates based on their particular circumstances.

New York Life policies are priced at the highest level compared to other major life insurance companies in 2022 rating. For example, a 35-year-old woman living in Virginia would pay $142.67 per month for a 20-year insurance policy with $1 million coverage through New York Life. By contrast, the cost will be $81.33 through MassMutual or $54.79 through State Farm. These prices are based on the standard plus risk category, which indicates average health. Payable amount for life insurance depends on several factors. In general, insurance companies take into account your age, gender, and health history, as well as the level of coverage and any passengers you want. Younger individuals, non-smokers, and those with serious health conditions tend to pay less than others. Generally, women  pay less for life insurance with New York Life.


It has direct written premiums worth $21.4 billion and market share of 1.7%.

Molina Healthcare, a Fortune 500 company, focuses exclusively on government-sponsored healthcare programs for eligible individuals and families. The company contracts with state governments and operates as a health plan that provides a wide range of high-quality health care services to individuals and families.

The company offers health plans in California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Puerto Rico. The company also offers a Medicare product and has been selected in several states to join dual care administration demonstration projects for those who qualify for Medicaid and Medicare. 


The group has direct written premiums of $20.1 billion and market share of 1.6%. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the Independence Health Group, along with its subsidiaries, serve approximately 10 million customers in 27 states and the District of Columbia. A quarter of its client network is located in southeastern Pennsylvania. The company serves different groups of employers, from small and medium businesses to national companies.

Among the services offered by the insurance company are commercial coverage, Medicare and Medicaid coverage, pharmacy benefits administration, workers compensation, and third party benefits administration. The company is independently licensed to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.



Established in 1925, Nationwide is one of the largest financial services companies in the world. It offers a variety of services, including life, auto, homeowner, renter, and pet insurance. Nationwide foundation is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Nationwide is ranked 9th in Best Life Insurers 2022, 9th Best Life Insurers 2022, 5th Best Whole Life Insurers 2022, 7th Best Comprehensive Life Insurers 2022, and 5th In Best life insurance companies without medical exam 2022. Nationwide life insurance policies range in term from 10 to 30 years and provide coverage up to age 95. Life insurance policies are renewable and can be converted to permanent coverage, also up to age 65. The country offers average term life rates, higher than some and lower than others.

Nationwide’s comprehensive life policies provide tax-deferred earnings, tax-free death benefits, and flexibility to adjust your premium payments. With a nationwide whole life insurance policy, you can get fixed rates for the life of the policy. It also features a fixed interest rate on earnings and tax-free death benefits. Nationwide’s Whole Life 100 offers fixed premiums up to 100 years, and free coverage thereafter. Nationwide’s 20-Pay Whole Life policies offer free premium coverage after 20 years. Nationwide offers an impressive selection of riders, including chronic disease, critical illness, and chronic disease add-ons at no additional cost to most life insurance policies. Child and long-term care protection riders are also available.

Nationwide offers permanent and term insurance policies with moderate premiums and a select group of riders to complement your protection. The provider also offers property and vehicle policies. You can receive quotes and apply for life insurance quotes online or from an authorized agent. 

Many factors can affect the price you will pay for a nationwide life insurance policy, including:

Age÷ Young people usually enjoy lower premiums than older people, which is why it is best to purchase life insurance when you are young and in good health.

Behaviors÷ A history of speeding tickets or habits such as smoking can put you in a higher risk category. Also, risky hobbies, such as rock climbing or skydiving, can increase your rate.

Level of Coverage: Policies with high death benefits cost more than policies with low death benefits.

Health÷  Already-existing conditions such as heart disease or a history of cancer can increase your premium.

Occupation÷ People who work in hazardous occupations, such as commercial fishing, construction, or logging, often pay more for life insurance.

Length of term÷ A 10-year life insurance policy usually costs less than a 30-year life insurance policy.

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