Exercise 22.2 for the 2022 CrossFit Open was announced on Thursday, March 3, 2022 at 3:00 PM. EST by Fittest Man on Earth Mat Fraser for five times in a live ad broadcast on CrossFit Games’ YouTube channel. For Exercise 22.1, Wodapalooza 2022 Champion Patrick Fellner competed against Noah Olsen and Danielle Brandon against her teammate, Bethany Chadbourne.

The 2022 Reebok CrossFit Games Open is an exciting showcase for the highest fitness competition in the Earth community and CrossFit.

The game season is classified in three stages. The first step is open. Five weeks of fierce competition takes place in Crossfit subsidiary gyms and garage around the world in winter. Training sessions are published online every Thursday and the athlete before Monday present a score. All at least 14 years of age or older can register and join in the first stage of the crossing game season. After 5 weeks, the best and women of men declare the national champion and compatible with the CrossFit game. The Top 20 National and Open Champion is competitive for the title “Fittest” of the Earth.”

Cross-competition replaces regional cross-shaped events and will be a direct channel for the best men, women and team competitors. The authorized events broaden the opportunities to cross competitors from around the world. Each authorized competence appeared from the CrossFit Participation Committee. Founder of Crossfit Greg Glastman declares: “This is completely paired with our vision of the Cross Fit tournament,” the team will continue to share a place of affiliation or geographical to obtain an invitation to a cross-team competition, it does not. is more necessary. Events authorized by cross fit are the only way the team participates in the CrossFit game. Cross fit games return to Madison again on Wisconsin Wisconsin at the end of summer 2019. The individual competition participants in the game consist of (1) participants of the National Champion determined by the CROSSFIT open game. (2) The first place that is the winner of authorized events. (3) The first 20 global condenser of cross fit open game. (4) The four careful players selected by CrossFit Inc. are the important factors for mere fitness tests unknown. Athlete can not be trained so as not to know. All CrossFit game contests, the athlete is committed to a series of unknown challenges until it is just before the event begins. A combination of high quality motor players and unknown events is an explosive mix. The game was created to fill the vacuum conditioning tests did not exist. In NFL, Iron Mantria Slon and all other sporting events are properly tested. Even opposite, we miss the essential components of physical strength while prove a relatively wide range of capacitance. The events of the CrossFit game consist of a wide range of functional movements. Functional movements quickly move large loads, long distances, quickly. These movements are also the basis of our exercise program. Do not make a mistake in the cross-shaped game is designed to test. The goal is to find the most appropriate athletes in order not to easily believe a reproducible training program. Online Contest Online covered 5 weeks. Crossfit will announce a training session at 7 pm while sending an open work weekly operation on Facebook or YouTube. When weekly training is announced, the world’s best cross fitter competes to the training during transmission. Then, open participants have judges until night on Monday, or until their training videos are treated and the online score is sent. On Thursday, February 21, 2018, the first one of the five open workouts has been announced. Each additional training will be announced the next night. Typical training observed in classes is very similar to open open training. Classes have been completed in class without knowledge. The main difference is in a class, and can be expanded correctly at your level. At the opening, select the RX unit scale option or complete each exercise of the unit as standardized in CrossFit. How to participate in the limits of the Cross Cross Town There are several ways to choose the open experience to make the experience open comfortable and enjoyable. If what should be taken into account is to formally record and compete with the open crossfit, it must be adjusted to all its standards. This will be presented to an online judge or to a popular judge (this can become a person in the gym), judges his training capital and you are full of competition, understands the video of your training video to confirm that Training training The reference has been completed.


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