We are not killing Civilians yet–says Russia


The Ambassador of Rusia to Nigeria, Mr Alexei Shebarshin has assured Nigeria of the safety of its Sitizen in Ukraine following the Bombadment of Ukraine by Russian special forces. 

Alexei stated that no Nigerian will be bombed or injured in the ongoing war between Rusia and Ukraine by Rusian forces. He maintained hat Nigerians are not part of the problem and Russia and Nigeria have enjoyed a long term bilateral relationship, hence Nigerians in Ukraine will be protected.

In a statement by Geoffrey Onyeama who is the minister for foreign affairs, he said he had a closed door meeting with the Russian Ambassador to Nigeria and the Ambassador has assured that since Nigeria maintains a good relationship with Rusia, no Nigerian in Ukraine will be harmed by Russian forces. 

Geoffrey Onyeama said he had told one of the Rusain envoy that his country, Rusia should revert their decision and embrace dialogue as all war always ends in round table of discussion. 

The Nigerian minister for foreign affairs further told the Russian envoy, Shebarshin that Nigeria will not accept any form of violation of territorial rights of any country who is a member of United nation as  Nigeria is also a full member. 

“There are five thousand six hundred (5,600) Nigerians in Ukraine and we are concerned about them. The news of the bombs, missiles and other military operations in Ukraine by Russian forces posed a great danger to the lives of our citizens in Ukraine and we want their safety pending when we can evacuate them.” Onyeama said.


In a swift reply by the Russian envoy, Alexei Shebarshin said Nigerian message will be conveyed to the Russian government. He reiterated that Nigeria is a friendly nation with Rusia and that alone is enough for Russian forces not to attack Nigerians any where in the world. .

According to Alexei Shebarshin who is the Russian Ambassador to Nigeria, the targets of Russian troops are on Ukrainian Military and its installations. Alexei further stated that Nigerians in Ukraine are safe as the ongoing military bombardments are not targeted on Civilians yet. .

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