The five different types of kidney failure


The five different  types of kidney failure are:

  • Acute prerenal kidney failure. This occurs when there is  Insufficient blood flow to your  kidneys. This  can cause acute prerenal kidney failure. This is a condition where your kidneys are unable to  filter toxic materials  from the blood system without enough blood flow. This kidney failure can be cured if the cause of the reduced  blood flow is discovered.
  • Acute intrinsic kidney failure. The acute intrinsic  failure of kidney can occur from direct trauma to your  kidneys. this could be physical impact or  accident. Some other  causes include pure  toxin that are overload and ischemia, that  is an absence of oxygen in the kidneys. Ischemia is  caused by seriouse bleeding, a shock, total obstruction of the  blood vessel renal  as well as glomerulonephritis, which is a condition where the small  blood vessels in the kidneys become inflamated.WAIT A MINUTE, DOWNLOAD OCHESY APP TO READ ARTICLES LIKE THIS DAILY, DISCUSS IN FORUM, CHAT WITH NEW PEOPLE AND ALSO MEET NEW FRIENDS ACCROSS THE WORLD. TAP HERE TO INSTALL NOW..
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