Snowstorms, otherwise called Blizzard forces the closure of major schools in Montreal on Monday

Jan 16 2022

With Quebec students returning to class on Monday, some schools remain closed due to a snowstorm expected to start early Monday morning.

Environment Canada says southern Quebec can expect between 15 and 25 centimeters of snow and strong winds.

As a result, the following schools and school boards are canceling in-person learning on Mondays:

  • Montreal English School Board
  • Leicester B. School Board. Pearson
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board
  • Riverside School Board
  • New Frontier School Board
  • scolaire de Laval . Service Center
  • scolaire des Grandes Seigneuries Service Centre
  • scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys Service Centre
  • scolaire Marie-Victorin . Service Centre
  • scolaire de Montreal service center
  • scolaire des patriots service center
  • scolaire de la Pointe-de-l’le . Service Centre
  • scolaire des Samares service centre

Hebrew Foundation School and Hebrew Foundation CPE

The Hebrew Academy.

Unplanned school closures are usually related to winter climate, but several reasons may have occurred, such as energy failure or flood. When the school is closed or started late (snow plan ), you need to determine your child in advance in advance. The following information describes how the Lazue School makes decisions and communicates with the school closed and start / snow schedule. The following types of communication is used to remind parents and schools closer to people, date / schedules, and in advance. Local means: KSDK TV (channel 5 ) ; kmov TV (channel 4 ) ; fox2 TV (channel 2 ) ; and radio KMOX (I am 1120 ) This decision will be communicated to personnel and parents via Eartomquare (telephone call from 314-983-5500, text, email, and application notification ) to personnel and parents. Area website home page Available from the area: 314-994-7080 Twitter: @Ladueschools Facebook: Family / late snow school time Sometimes the road on the road in the morning is too dangerous because the school starts in the usual time, but they expect them to clarify. The area will consider starting on these days (snow programming ) so that students will not lose a day. Snow season will be announced by the same communication method as described above. All schools will begin in fifteen minutes in normal night, as follows: High school: 8:45 am. High school: 9:25 am. Fifth grade center 8:45 am. Primary school: 10:05 am CADA’s initial childhood 10:15 Before & gy school care Because of bad weather, snow calendar or early, the school is closed or after it is closed, it will not pay attention. The bus schedule will last for 1 hour, late to fifteen minutes. As always, the bus can run slightly or late, and the students will be suspended five minutes before the programming collection time, which is a good idea. Every attempt will make a decision before 5:30 in the afternoon. This decision will communicate to employees and parents through Eartomquare (telephone, text, email, and application notifications). There is no practical approach to changing call delivery time to adapt to school, family or personal preferences. Individuals can adjust their parent notification preferences to determine how to receive notification information and frequency (snapshot or digestion ) (phone, text, email, and / or application ). Importantly, the area has accurate contact information for all home. Make sure you choose the number called in the case of a school as your primary number. You can verify or change this information through the school’s school building office. It is impossible to delete contact information from the end of the school, without having to completely eliminate the contact information of the call system. The region highlights the height of eliminating a complete call system home. All types of emergencies may occur, may require the district to contact parents and counselors. The main concerns of the region are to make students safe, and the severity of winter storm may be very unpredictable. Therefore, all student decisions must be considered.

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