Russian President Vladimir Putin Commands His National Defense Minister to make the country’s nuclear deterrent strength on Sunday, and accuse the warning of the hostility of the West to its country. The international tensions have increased when the Russian invasion of Ukraine has increased, and the order of Pros will lead to a larger alarm. 

Moscow has the second largest nuclear weapon Arsenal, and the huge ballistic missile cache, forming the strategy of deterrence.

Putin said that he asked the Secretary for Defense and the staff of the Russian Armed Forces to put the deterrent power of the Russian army in a special battle mode. 

“You see now that Western countries are not just unfriendly to my country in the economic aspect,” Putin said in a TV broadcast.

“Senior officials in major NATO countries also allow for a positive statement on my country,” Minister of Defense Shoud affirmed. 

On Thursday, Russian president requested the invasion of Ukraine to transmit shock waves around the world. According to Western sources, the Russian land troops from the north and southeastern part of the Russian army, the Ukrainian authorities describe some Russian army as exhausted, and that dozens of Russian troops have surrendered. 

Following the development of Putin’s order, the European countries north to the South have banned Russian aircraft from their airspace. So far, the following are some countries that have prohibited Russian aircraft from their airspace:

On Friday, the UK announced that the Russian private air space jet in the UK immediately prohibited to respond to Vladimir President Ukraine in. 

The Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria said that all Russian flights will be prohibited from their airsapce from midnight. 

On Saturday, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Romania activated it Russian flight ban to it’s country’s airspace.

In Democrat Skies, the National Prime Minister, Kaja Kallas is not aircraft aggressor national aircraft.

Austria and Germany also said from Sunday, that all Russian flights will not be able to use Austria Airport . “We are showing VLADIMIR PUILIN, that we do not accept his invasion in Ukraine,” Chancellor Karl Nehammer said in affirmation.

Germany said it will put all Russian flights on hold for three months on Sunday, and there are 1400 GMTs. Only humanitarian flights will be exempted. 

France-France announced that from Sunday night, its will also turn off its airspace to deal with invasion.

Belgium on the other hand said its would not accept Russian aircraft. Our European sky is open is  open for those who connects people, rather than those who seek aggression,” said the Prime Minister, Alexander Deluus

Nordic Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland say they will not accept Russian planes.

Finland and Russia who have a sharing of 1,300 kilometers (800 miles) borders, “are preparing to close their airspace to Russia air traffic,” said Transport Minister, Timo Harakka tweets, without making bones of the fact. 

 Italy, Spain and Malta Italy and Spain, they said they are closing the space. Malta said that he is doing this to express all the unity of Ukraine. North Macedonia. 

North Macedonia’s government on Sunday also bans all Russian aircraft from its skies, but says humanitarian flights will be exempted.

Russia retaliates in tit-for-tat corrective measures, as Rissia on Sunday shut its airspace to flights operated by carriers from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia.

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