Prerenal, Intrinsic and Post-renal kidney failure


  • Chronic prerenal kidney failure. If there isn’t adequate blood flow to the  kidneys for a long  period of time, your kidneys will tend to  shrink and lose its functions.
  • Chronic intrinsic kidney failure. This occurs  when there is a long term distruction  of the kidneys as a result of  intrinsic kidney disease. Intrinsic kidney disease occurs  as result of a direct trauma to the kidneys, like  severe bleeding or absence of oxygen.
  • Chronic post-renal kidney failure. This is a  long term blocking of the urinary way, preventing urination. This results in  pressure and eventual kidney damage or total distruction.WAIT A MINUTE, DOWNLOAD OCHESY APP TO READ ARTICLES LIKE THIS DAILY, DISCUSS IN FORUM, CHAT WITH NEW PEOPLE AND ALSO MEET NEW FRIENDS ACCROSS THE WORLD. TAP HERE TO INSTALL NOW..
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