While the question of if this could be another Methuselah in this generation, meandered through the minds of some people, many others got thinking that the biblical tree of life that when eaten, guarantees eternal life on earth; have been discovered by some as a skinny-wrinkled, age ravished man have been discovered and claims to be the oldest person alive at the age of 163-years, born in 1859.

Identified As Luang Pho Yai, the apparent 163-YEAR-OLD MAN WAS FEATURED IN A VIDEO THAT SET THE SOCIAL MEDIA AGOG IN FEBRUARY 2022. He Was Assumed A Monk who performed sokushinbutsu, which is a period of time in which self-mummification is conducted, at the time the video greeted the Internet and went viral.

According to the video, IT SHOWS A 109-YEAR-OLD GUY WHO APPEARS TO BE LUANG PHO YAI. The video was originally published on TikTok by its user with the account name: @auyary13, claiming to be Yai’s granddaughter and have gone viral. Scores of videos has been uploaded by the TikTok user to her channel. THE DAN KHUN THOT HOSPITAL IN THAILAND, RECEIVED HIM with a fractured hip in January 2022, which was substantiated by the earliest footage sometimes, around November 2021.

The @Auyary13’s video has been viewed countless number of times as she brings her followers up to speed on his health and well-being. A video comment by @Auyary13 revealed that he was 109 years old: @Auyary13: DOWNLOAD OUR APP TO READ MORE INTERESTING STORIES, MEET AND CHAT WITH OTHER USERS ACCROSS THE WORLD 

At the time @Auyary13’s video went viral on the cyber space, many people shared the clips, accompanied with jokes about the man’s age which she treated with little or no serious attention.

However, in reaction to the remark that he was referred to as a “corpse”, the following is what Auyary13 wrote: ‘Surely, he won’t be a walking corpse… Let’s accord Ronda some respect. If you don’t like it, kindly swipe your screen down and don’t leave a comment.’

The individual in view, seems to be a real monk, but we have yet to lay hands on any empirical fact to show his egagement in sokushinbutsu practice. There’s no substantive proof in @auyary13’s TikTok account, so we erased it Ever since the video went viral and made mythical claims about his age, it seems that the mummification assertions are based primarily on assumptions made by third-party internet users.

Auyary13’s most recent video reports his health condition to be improving. Now, he can eat, train, and see his family.

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