Early symptoms of kidney failure


Signs  of early stages of  kidney disease may be difficult to know. They’re often hides  and are so  hard to identify. If you start to  experience early signs of kidney ailment, they may include the following:

  • declined  urine output
  • swelling in limbs caused by retention of fluids 
  • shortness of breath

Urine color of kidney failure 

Color of  urine is a window into your body’s health. It usually doesn’t tell you much on the state of your kidney until damage to the kidneys has drastically progressed far.

Urine color changes is  a warning sign of some cases as:

  • Clear or pale yellow. If Clear or pale yellow urine is seen in  urine, it  indicates you’re well hydrated. This is the right  color in most cases.
  • Dark yellow or amber. You may be highly dehydrated and some fluids in the body. Try to  drink more water and cutting down of dark sodas, some tea, or even  coffee.
  • Orange. This can be dehydration, or it may be a sign of mixture of bile in your bloodstream. Kidney disease doesn’t usually cause this.
  • Pink or red. If your  Urine have a pink tint or a red then it might have blood in it. It can be caused by certain diets, such as beets strawberries, etc. A urine test could tell the causes.WAIT A MINUTE, DOWNLOAD OCHESY APP TO READ ARTICLES LIKE THIS DAILY, DISCUSS IN FORUM, CHAT WITH NEW PEOPLE AND ALSO MEET NEW FRIENDS ACCROSS THE WORLD. TAP HERE TO INSTALL NOW..
  • Foamy. Any body’s urine with excess bubbles is a clear sign of a lot of protein in it. Much  presence of protein in urine is a sign of kidney ailment.  
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