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New study from  University of Pennsylvania has shown that mixing the protein that is the gateway for the novel coronavirus, or SARS-CoV-2 and a chewing gum is a sure way to prevent coronavirus infection.

The enzyme called antigiotensin that is converting  enzyme 2 protein (ACE2) can be used to produce chewing gum that can prevent coronavirus. According to a study that was conducted and led by a University don, Henry Daniel of university of Pennsylvania, in the department of pharmaceutical studies, the enzyme is found usually at the surface of human cell. 

The Pennsylvania researchers says if the enzyme 2 (ACE2) is conveyed into the mouth with the aid of the chewing gum, the virus can be trapped as they will be bind to the spike of the protein which usually infects cells.

 According to the researchers, the protein present in the chewing gum is capable of binding the receptor of the cell-surface. By doing so, it  blocks the  sites where the coronavirus usually infects us. The combination of the chewing gum and the protein can effectively prevents pathogen infecting the cells of our oral cavity.

Coronavirus gets into human body through our mouth or nose but typically, the mouth serves as the store house of the deadly virus. 

New study is now of divergent opinion that inactivating SARS-CoV-2  virus in human saliva and mucous in mouth cavity could prevent infection in adjoining nasopharyngeal area of the body. If the research is verified by other institutions, the chewing gum method would be part of the measures for preventing coronavirus

The researchers used modified lettuce plants that enabled them to produce a soluble form of enzyme 2 protein. Dry powdered lettuce was then mixed with sweet-tasting chewing gum produced from cinnamon-flovor. The effectiveness of the gum was tested in certain hamster cells created to produce human ACE2 receptors.

According to the Pennsylvania university researchers, it was noted that In hamster cells, small quantity of that protein was associated in a 95% reduction of amount of stand-in virus going inside cells ( pseudovirus brought up a spike protein that matches the one that studs in the surface of SARS-CoV-2). The quantity of the virus found in unmodified cells from monkey also reduced  by 85% when using same stand-in virus. In swabs of nasal, and throat fluid, adding the gum in infected persons with SARS-CoV-2 was associated with  95% lowering  in the quantity of active pseudovirus. This research was published in November in a Molecular Therapy.

Daniell who led the research says his researcher team is patiently waiting the approval of  United States  Food and Drug Administration to verify the effectiveness of the  gum’s approach on SARS-CoV-2 in humans.

According to the findings, the proteins are released over the course of 10 minutes of chewing the gum solution. The leader of the research group found by modeling the process with a certain machine that generated the same force as human chomping. They estimated that Protection from the virus would last for 4hrs. The group is presently researching the same method if it will work on influenza.

According to an immunologist, Danny Altmann of the Imperial College in London, who was not  in the new study, says that  One of the concerns when it comes to the case of coronavirus is where it first affects. Danny says that the virus’s way where it goes into the body is through our noses,”. He further stated that the gum trick may have little effect on stopping the virus  from entering through the nose—unless is found  providing protection at the back of human throat.”

According to another university expert in study of viruses, Mr virologist Julian Tang, “the gum will end up reducing the viral load or the numbers of viruses in the mouth or opening of any one chewing the gum if it ends up not totally stopping all the attacking coronaviruses.”  According to Daniell, the gum is capable of staying inside store shelves for as far as two years.

This is to say that the gum may end up being a great remedy for coronavirus pandemic.

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