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Hardly will the American creative world of entertainment account for their actors without the mention of THE CHEERFUL AND DEFT THESPIAN OF ALL TIME, STEPHEN F CAMPELLA. In his life and time, he has given to the Americans and the world the best his match have yet to give.

Stephen was a native of West Orange in New Jersey the place he was born in 1956. He was married to his lovely wife, Pamela Tracy and the couple collectively had 5 kids before his death in November at the age of 65 years.

 Until his death, Stephen was a Florida filmmaker who  discovered his craft, developed his talents, and built his career working with the men and  women in the southern market. Campbell’s ice breaker was in 1984 when he worked as a camera assistant on Michael Jackson’s Thriller World Tour.

Following the gains of 1984, he did not hesitate to tour with Jackson again in 1988 when the opportunity came knocking before working for the following 30 years on countless numbers of television shows and films in Florida among which are  Passenger 57 (1992), the Punisher (2004), the Reaping (2007), Notorious (2016), Halt and Catch Fire (2014-2016), and the Walking Dead, a series from 2013-2017.

The waves of movie production tossed the Walking Dead director of photography, a magnificent person, a magnificent artist, cinematographer, & a force of calm, peace, & warmth on set, Stephen to Atlanta, Georgia in 2013 to work on The Walking Dead and was part of seven seasons of the show where he perfectly depicted ‘genre-defining-imagery’ as part of his role which he relished.

Upon his demise, many of the cast and crew of The Walking Dead paid tribute to Campbell after his death was announced last year, sharing memories and images with him.

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