After party, See what killed these five people.


After party, 5 persons were found dead.

According to local officials, not less than five persons who partied previous night were found dead in Denver-area home. The party was arranged privately by an undisclosed person in the estate. The police investigators could not pick point the actuall cause of their death but preliminary findings shows that drugs were found in the premises of the estate where the private party was held.

 The address where the horrible incidence occured is 14400 block of East 104th Avenue in Commerce City, which is on the outskirts of Denver. Medics and Police ofricers were called to the scene immediately and  they found 7 persons, including one infant.

“It was immediately clear that, while they thought most people were unconscious, one of them was awake and was rushed by medical, and shortly after they discovered that there was an infant inside the building, and was still alive,”  Clint Nichols, police chief said.

“The other five persons inside the building were dead,” he futher said. Policed did not disclosed the identities of the desist persons but it was said by the police chief that the five persons who died in the building were three (3) males and two (females) and all are adults. It was further revealed that some of the desists resides in the same estate.

According to police report, test for dangerious gas were carried out but it returned negative but an undisclosed substances were found in the room. The inhabitants are currently believing that perhaps they were poisoned. The real cause of the death is yet to be known by the police as at the time of filing this report.

“I don’t want to guess, I don’t know what the substance we found close to the bodies is until the chemistry lab take a look,” officer Nichols said. “They could be said to be illicit narcotics.”

The resistance said they do not know when the incident occured exactly but they heard loud sound of music from the building on Saturday then by night time, the music went down- Hence they can not exactly state when the people died. 

“I think if it is the illicit drugs, then it must be a very dangerous one. This is because non of them could get to the phone to call 911,” Nichols said

Ian Scott, who is a neighbour, said that he heard large screaming on Sunday and found a weary looking woman with a baby. Ian scott said the woman was talking on the phone. He further  said she appeared “high as a kite” . According to the neighbor who lives in the next appointment, the woman with the baby told him  she had administered a drug to reverse overdoses to a man in the building where the people died.

On the infant (said to be around the age of four), the Police chief,  Nichols said they do not know if the parents of the infant found with the dead bodies could be among the dead but he can see that may be the worse might be the outcome of that.

“hopefully the parents were not among the dead, but I have long experience in this job to say from look of things they would probably be among,” Nichols added. 

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