Who is a teacher?

Who is a teacher? A teacher is someone in time past that we felt was just one whose job is to teach. However, nowadays teaching or a teacher has evolved from just impacting knowledge. Teaching has gone beyond just trying to impact knowledge on pupils, teaching now involves understanding the students better, having different skills on how to impact the pupils,knowing the types of pupils you have and learning their mode of adaptation. Being a teacher is more, it now involves being a counselor,a trusted friend whom the students can confide in at all times. This and much more is who a teacher is.

A teacher is more than just one who enters a classroom and tries to teach the children or the students a particular subject or topic. A teacher is a professor,a lecturer,a teacher is a counselor. A teacher is a friend, a parent, a teacher is a confidant. He or she should be someone students should be able to turn to anytime that heor she has an issue, I will conclude using this illustration. There are times when students feel that their future is just like a movie or like a music,as in a dream or fantasy. The one who moulds them and help them achieve this is the teacher. He or she is that person that helps them to bring it to reality. The teacher becomes the guide that helps the student in bringing their future into reality. There is also the saying that:’you can force a horse  to the stream but that you can never force it to drink water. In the same manner,we can say we can force a child to the river but can never force the child to fetch at once and take it home. Teaching has gone beyond just the way to the river and fetching water, learning now involves knowing the usefulness of that water knowing why you have to fetch it and then why you have to get it home on time. This and more are the functions of the teacher.

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