The Future of Cyber Security


Cyber security is the practice of preventing systems, networks and programs from being attacked digitally  through the application of technologies and processes and controls. 

These processes and application of technologies prevent unauthorized invasion, alterations, destruction and disclosure of   delicate and sensitive information, ideas or intellectual properties of a owner or user. It also comprises the best practices designed to protect data , networks and device from attacks and also ensuring the ICA( integrity, confidentiality and availability) of information. 

Being the key issue of our time, it is generally known to us that personal businesses and activities are being done online at the moment than it used to be.

The future of cyber security is really difficult to forecast or analysed due to the fact that the industry is ever evolving and advancing owning to the behaviour and unpredictable patterns of cybercrimes and cybercriminals. 

In as much as experts cannot guarantee the next nature and magnitude of major threat to data and digital platforms and businesses, they can still with some degree of predictive ability the direction we are heading to. 

In the future, Artificial intelligence is going to play a big vital part as it will be used increasingly by cyber criminals and cybersecurity teams. The cybersecurity developers will use AI, artificial intelligence, to address the susceptibility, detect security issues before they can be defeated and also repel and beat back any form of cyber attacks. AI may be used to create simulated network invasion or attacks. 

Morealso, cybersecurity in the future will be more important than it is today. As we rely heavily on digital products and there are increase in the dependence on internet digital platforms, cyber threats to our lives , businesses and activities will increase. Also the trend of using internet of things (IOT) devices will keep growing which will breed more cyber criminals thanks to the growing amount and nature and diversity of data and information stored as there will large scale collection,reaping  and resale on the black market which is very profitable for these cyber criminals. 

In conclusion, a strong defence against these attacks will require skilled and highly experienced cybersecurity developers and teams which is a challenge as the demand for cybersecurity skills and staff is much higher than the demand.

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