Scary: the robbery strategies of these three criminals will scare you.

 Gbese, Jethro and one more person are friends in Bagado, Kamazou, Kaduna state. They had being involved in several crimes secretly but were seen as good children in the area.


Their crime is strictly on burglary and had invaded  several houses using a sleeping charm on the inhabitants. 

The three young boys were arrested by the Bagado KADVIS unit after an intelligent report from the officers which correlates with previouse crime reports by victims numbered about eight.

After the arrest of the three boys, two confessed to the crime immediately but Jethro was hardened, denying that he had never gone for any of the confessed operations. The other two insisted that Jethro is among them which impulsed the officers of the Kaduna state vigilante service (KADVIS) to further interrogate Jethro. He later confessed when the Supervisor of the chikun Kadvis Command arrived.

How we put our victims to sleep

“We put our victims to sleep using this shoe lace” Iliyah, one of the criminal confessed while raising the shoe lace up. 

“When we come to any of our targeted houses, we will hang or cross the rope (shoe lace) at the door and every one in the house will fall into deep sleep until we have finished robbing”. Gbese says. 

Iliyha further confessed that it was a herbal man who prepared the charm for them. He stated that they all used the grave of different relatives to make the charm. While iliyah used the grave of her blood sister, gbese and Jethro used the grave of their fathers. They also confessed to have ability of going into people’s houses without breaking doors. 

The three criminals were transferred to the state CID for further investigations and interrogations.

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