Sad story of how a lady nearly died after her leg hooked in motorcycle wheel.

 It was a sight of tears for passer-by as a lady’s leg was drifted inside a falling CG motorcycle.

 The lady’s leg that slided into the falling motorcycle hooked there for almost an hour while motorists and bike men that where passing helps with available tools to untie the bolts and nuts of the back tyre. 

She was heavily bleeding as  the leg was already crushed while the bolts and nuts resisted most of the available spanners. 

It took almost an hour before a setting spanner that is usually universal and adjustable to fit different nuts and bolts was brought. 

The obviously sorrowful passerby  whom among, some could not hold their tears for beholding the agony of the young woman, finally untied the nuts and bolts and her leg was squeezed out in almost pieces. 

She was rushed to the nearest  hospital. 

See pictures from the scene below. Note that viewers discretion is adviced as the pictures may not be pleasant for the peruse of some individuals. 


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