Ilaje people are part of the Yoruba tribe, They can be found in the western part of Nigeria (Ondo state, Lagos State, Ogun state ,Delta state etc)

There are some qualities that make the ILAJEs stand out some of them are:

They all are one family.

They are stubborn set of creatures. 

They majorly go into fishing and farming. 

They are religious 

They overestimate their powers

They are rebellious etc

The ILAJEs are fond of marrying more than one wife and they love it when they are being praised like:



Oma ejo holoholo 

Oma ejo wonu ide

Ide ju gwo 

Ejo ju pa

In English it states


Aieri is a town in ilaje 

The child of a cunny snake

The child of a snake that entered a calabash

The calabash can not be broken and the snake cannot be killed.

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