White money kisses Queen At Jacuzzi Part.


As the big brother reality TV show gradually whines up, we may get to see an affair between fans’ favourite, White Money and Queen.

The two housemates have been seen together by viewers on many events. Both of them also shared the head of house bar in the time of White Money’s regime.

When Queen arrived at the house, it was speculated that she wished to have an affair with Pere which resulted in a rift between her and Maria. After the expulsion of Maria, Queen has been very intimate with White Money. He has been concentrated since the inception of the show and never nursed any love interest in the house except Jackie B. White money’s circumstance with Jackie B prompted a clash between him and Queen which has long been settled.

In the course of the Jacuzzi Party last night, both housemates were spitted locking tongues together and basking in the waves of the party. It won’t be the first time they have been spotted in such a stance. Spectators are having different perceptions of the affair as some hope it diverts White Money’ attention from the game while others were in the backing of the relationship.

The two housemates are due for expulsion on Sunday and will wish the result of the expulsion won’t have a bearing on the affair.


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