What Do You Think Of Twin Brothers Who Married the Same Woman?


A good number of people have reacted to the story of twin brothers who wedded the same lady as their wives. The trend is quite unusual and has stirred mixed reactions on social media. While some people find it abnormal, I have noticed that a substantial number of people have no issue with that. 

 Identified as Marie Josiane, the lady got married to the duo. She alleged she fell in love with the twin brothers after staying with both of them. 

Marie didn’t develop feelings for the both of them simultaneously. 

The lady said, she originally married the elder twin only because of how the man treats her like a queen and gives her amazing treats. 

As they were all living with the other twin brother who turned to be the younger one, her husband’s twin brother also began dealing with her in a unique way, the same way his twin brother treats her. Consequently, she also built feelings for the other twin brother, and they got also wedded.

Marie disclosed that they all have succeeded in living together in unity and conformity for 2 years now, and there has been no trace of bitterness, grudge or jealousy among the both of them.

 She was asked whether people are not criticizing their union, she disclosed that the love they have for each other sustains their coexistence as it makes them not give listening ears to anything the public is saying about them in the village.

A read on this story got me stunned after reading this story because it seems like there is nothing love cannot conquer again on this earth. Other people will say that love alone is not sufficient  in a marriage, but right here it looks like love is what sustains their togetherness  

Should these lovers or this type of love be promoted or condemned?


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