The Virtue In Patience And Persistence


For the umpteenth time, I was there– a visit I can’t tell whether or not it will be fruitful; so dark, uncertain to be too sure of the outcome. He’s highly principled not to quickly give listening ears to vulnerable constituents. Yet, I needed to see him.

 The psychological and social torture that comes with lack and vulnerability would make anyone borrow additional ‘PATIENCE’ to theirs just so they could get help– the same thought I had held on to console myself while I tarry.

As usual, he walked into the complex. But this time, he noticed a face that has become frequent by the entrance to his office.

Then I respectfully offered my greetings loud enough to win his audience. I already had my script sketched out– properly dressed and my file neatly arranged. “No excuses,” I muttered to myself.

“How may I help you, young man?” The honourable member representing my constituency asked.

And I answered, “I need your attestation and signature that I may have a job,” 

“I don’t do what you are requesting for, but I will do it so that I can have peace walking into my office,” he said, “your continual presence here has been troubling my sight.”

Alas! the wait was worth it. After months of ‘CONSISTENT’ visits, I can be sure of my employment.

“Omale! Omale!” A Janitor’s call brought me from this euphoria. I was lost trying to understand PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY.

“Yes, I should always persist for the right course,” I agreed.

“Congratulations in advance,” the Janitor said with a cheering smile.


While the above read is my substantive imagination, it could be someone’s reality.

However, the fiction reanimates my thoughts on the parable of the Wicked king and the widow. (see Luke 18).

Severally, she has been at the king’s gate; requesting justice but the king was adamant about her plea.

She wouldn’t relent either until the king granted her request just so he can have peace.

Today, it may seem God is not hearing your prayers because you are not holy enough.

Well, while holiness is necessary, PATIENCE, CONSISTENCY and FAITH while waiting on Him may just be the answered prayers you’ve been waiting for.

Remember, Jacob wrestled with the Angels all through the night and they begged him to take what he wants so they could go before it’s dawn.


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