Four Things To Do After S*x With Your Partner


Many if not all, knows exactly what to do before physical intimacy, but they could be not so sure about what to do after the act. At the end of it all, several people like to sleep over it; some want to curl up silently and others would love to laugh or talk to get their feelings out. In any case, you should also be taking measures to improve your overall health, and your physical and mental well-being. The following are some things you should consider immediately after every romp for your own advantage.

1. Take a cup of water. Since it’s good idea to pee after a hydride, do well to consume enough water. Being hydrated prompts you to urinate more, and this helps flushes more bacteria from body system which reduces the chances of   infection.

2. Be simple in free-fitting dress. Bacteria and yeast survive in both hot and humid atmospheres. So, wear undergarments and clothing which gives you allowance. Over-tight panties should be resisted by women. Cotton underwear is favorable for both men and women because it’s airy and absorbent nature. Alternatively, you and your partner can go to bed without putting on underwear.

3. Curdle with your partner and have a chat. Pillow chat is so important because, it readies you for bonding. Human love hormone, formally called oxytocin, is discharged each time you make love to your partner. The hormone gives a sense of intimacy.

In poat-lovemaking, chatting with your lover is an amazing way to reconnect and improve the bond. Simply discuss your hopes, aspirations, dreams, what you would love to do with your spouse, or just anything else that is of importance to you.

4. Rinse your hands. Most appropriately, it is hydrogenic to eliminate bacteria from your hands after a romp with your lover. It’s an effective approach to preventing the spread of diseases.this act should be made part of your post-intimacy clean up regimen by washing your hands with water and soap.

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