The foundation of all relationships, marriage inclusive is laid in sight.

However, most often than not, our sights with regards to entering into the marital relationship end in delusion.

It is against this backdrop that this article urge intending husbands to “SHINE YOUR EYES”.

Avoid marrying a vampire as a wife. That she appears holy doesn’t imply that she’s holy. The fact that she uses headgear 24/7 doesn’t mean she is godly!

She is wearing grandma Moses’ skirt doesn’t suggest that she is sexually pure or virgin, her innocent looks do not connote or guarantee her good heart.

she smells nice does not certify her clean and tidy neither does her friendliness means she is not cunning. Lastly, that she is beautiful OUTSIDE does not signify her INSIDE beautiful.

Allow God to lead you before you undertake a journey of pain and regret. Don’t t be sight motivated, be moved by the directives of God.

 For the wise, a word is enough.

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