BREAKING: Bawa- The Confidentiality of the Identities of Boko haram Funders Is In Public Interest.


The EFCC boss, Abdulrasheed Bawa, had on Thursday said he cannot openly divulge the names of those financing Boko Haram and other terrorism acts in the country.

The authorities of the United Arab Emirates had earlier this week,  named six Nigerians among those financing terrorism. He was asked about those financing terrorism in the country on Channels TV,  but Mr Bawa said he cannot talk about a sensitive national security issue on national TV.

‘Should you be my adviser, will you urge me to come on national TV to inform the whole world concerning issues of sensitive national security matter?’ Mr Bawa asked. ‘Surely, not. However, I want to guarantee you that we are working relentlessly with other sister agents to make sure this country is void of terrorism.’

President Buhari led federal government had pledged to disclose names of those funding terrorism in the country. Until now, its promise has not been kept.

For more than a decade now, the Boko Haram insurgency has continued to shatter the country’s northeast region. Meanwhile, the bandits have been deploying military-standard weapons to counter military offensive moves in and around the northwest region.

The EFCC boss, who induced panic as he collapsed while making a presentation at an event organised by National Identity Management Commission at the Villa on Thursday, 16 September 2021, said he’s back to work after his doctor’s care.

‘Yesterday, i was delivering my goodwill speech during the event, when I became a little dizzy and I had to excused myself from the podium,’ the EFCC boss told Channels Television on Thursday. ‘And yes, I went right to the hospital where my doctor verified to me that everything about me is fine, safe for the fact that I was a little dry and I needed to take a lot of water.’

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