Beans cake Consumption, A Taboo In Chukwuku Community


Beanscacake, popularly called ‘Akara’ is simply people’s delight on most Nigeria family meal menue. While some prefer it for breakfast, others make do with it for dinner, especially in cold and rainy time.

However, just like the popular parlance: One man’s food is another’s poison, the delicacy is prohibited in public places in some selected communities in Nigeria.

Chukwuku community in Kuje area council, Abuja is  of such communities where the public consumption of akara is a taboo.

According to the Emire of the community, it’s a long standing tradition that has survive time and season.

In his words, ‘The tradition is like any other religious practice where for instance, Muslims don’t go into the mosque with their shoe and christian males done put on cap in church.’

Despite the growing population in a developing society, this practice is still very much in practice. 

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