We will respect women’s rights, pressfreedom– Taliban

We will respect women’s rights, pressfreedom-- Taliban

Taliban has promised  to protect rights of women  and ensure press freedom in Afghanistan. According to  the group’s first news conference sequel to  its surprising  takeover of government, the group said the Tiliban co-founder has returned to the country to partner in leadership. 

“We will  allow women to work and study in the country.  We have got frameworks ready on ground, of course. All Afgan  Women are going to be very actively carried along  in the society but within the framework of Islam faith,” Zabihullah Mujahid who is  the group’s spokesman, further  said at the first  press conference in Kabul city.

Subsequent to the  offensive attack across Afghanistan main cities  that saw many places fell with little  resistance, the group  has sought to represent itself as more considerate than when it imposed a brutal and very harsh rule of law in the late 1990s when they were in power.


Mr Mujahid who had been a hidden  figure for years do to several past rebel activities, narrated  that “women will be taken along” adding that “all Afgan women are going to work shoulder to shoulder with the present government.”

On pressing how the new  government of Taliban will differentiate itself from the oust one, Mr Mujahid cleared that the group has sprang  and will never  take the same I’ll  actions they did in the past which brough several critics to their past rules.

“There will be a clear difference in terms the actions we are going to take” when  with the  20 years ago, he stated.

The group is  going to be committed to protecting all  rights of journalists, Mr Mujahid assured the journalists that were gathered.

“We are going to be committed to the press  within our lay down cultural frameworks. All private press bodies  can continue to be very  free and independent from today. They can all  continue their activities,” he said.

Mr. Mujahid also stated that  the Taliban  group has no single plans to enter citizen’s  homes  or carry out any retaliatory attacks on anyone who have served in the past  governments, worked with foreign bodies  or were by any way part of the Afghanistan  National Security Forces.

There have been circulation of an  unconfirmed rumours of Taliban forces  entering homes of people residing within  Kabul, but Mujahid cleared that  those doing that are impostors who should be handed  to the Taliban government for appropriate punishment.

 Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who is one of the Taliban  group’s co-founder (now deputy leader of the group, arrived in Afganistan second-largest city Kandahar from city of  Doha, Qatar where he had spent several months leading key talks with the United States and other  Afghan peace negotiators. Kandahar is known to be the Taliban’s real  spiritual place of birth and capital during their first period  in power.

The arrival of the  group’s cofounder, Baradar,  may signal a clear  deal on forming a government. But in a possible unclear situation, the vice president of the oust government has  claimed on a Twitter post  that he was the Afgan’s “legitimate” caretaker president.

Mr Amrullah Saleh said, under Afganistan constitution, he should be the president because President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country for safety.

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