The rain and human activities


The rain and human activities

Some months ago, I entered a tricycle to a friend’s place. On my way there, I pipped outside to be sure that what I saw wasn’t a mirage. 

“Stormy clouds!” I screamed in my head.

“Oh, please let this rain not start” was my sincere wish.

“Sis, abeg no talk that one oooo. you have no pity for farmers?” A lady shouted.

“Ma, I didn’t intend that the rain shouldn’t fall at all, but maybe at night when everyone might have been indoor and asleep.” I respectfully responded.

“Even with that, we the farmers wouldn’t mind if it rains from now till tomorrow.” 

I completely ignored her as we continued the journey.

Two months later, we met again by chance.

From all indications, she didn’t recognize me but I did.

At first, grinned. Deep within me, I knew what will transpire in the tricycle we both got on, but I allowed time to take its course.

Halfway to our journey, she started peeping outside with a worried look.

“Oh, let this rain not start yet.” She said.

“Arh, ma abeg ooooo, we need the water, my area no get water,” I disagreed.

Cutting the story short, I reminded her about our last meeting after much argument as to when the rain should start.

You see, some things will happen to us all at some point, some people will consider it a blessing and to some a curse/problem. 

Each one of those happenings should be properly thought of, its importance as at that time it happened.

Farmers needed rain, I didn’t want to get wet. If the plants needed that rain as at that time to sprouts and it didn’t rain, we know they will die off. Farmers would have been at a loss and people like me will go hungry.

One man’s food is another man’s poison isn’t just applicable to eatables but situations too.

I like it now doesn’t mean another will not like it after now.

In essence, we don’t always get what we want or desire. So as we wait for that which we desire, let’s make use of what is available and hope that the future will someday bring our way what we desire and need.


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