TANZANIA COMMISSIONER: Suckling Your Breastfeeding Wife’s Breast Cause Malnutrition.

TANZANIA COMMISSIONER:  Suckling Your Breastfeeding Wife's Breast Cause Malnutrition.

It’s no longer news that men now compete for breast milk with babies. This trend has gripped Tanzania’s coastal region of Tanga.

In a talk with newsmen, Siriel Mchembe, the Handeni District Commissioner, noted that men breastfeeding gives birth to serious worry in the country.

Member said Nursing mothers in the district have begged her to help in lifting their voices against men who suck their wife’s breasts saying that it causes depletion of milk for their infants.


The women made this appeal in an event to celebrate breastfeeding week which took place at Mkata, early this week.


Reacting to this, the District Commissioner, Mchembe explained that she was made to understand that some men involved in this habit, attribute it to superstitious notions.

In her statement, ‘the indecency originates from a misled belief that breast milk boosts sexual performance. This has left breastfeeding babies in a sever underweight.

‘My advice is that husbands that suck breastfeeding wives’ breasts should quit immediately without felt as this is causing depiction in the supply of breast milk thereby leading to malnutrition in infants, I beg you to stop this addiction,’ said the commissioner.

Speaking on the issue, Julia Charo, the Handeni District Council nutrition administrator noted that 3,856 kids within the age of 5 were said to be underweight, as of 21, June this year.


‘The issue of children with stunted development, 34% of all children referred and cared for at the health care and 7519 expectant women who were assessed for blood volume, 102 were diagnosed with serious anemia.’ She added.


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