Recommendation as selling point


Recommendation as  selling point

A recommendation can be said to be something that expresses a person as worthy.

I call it “your selling point”.

It is what gives you access to be referred to.

As long as humanity never ceases to exist, recommendations can never be scraped off the earth. And this knowledge is still void in some people’s world, that’s why it seems they are trying to breed and walk freely in a dungeon.

What will people say behind you when it is time to be referred to as a diligent employee. It is a thing to be called an employee, and it is another thing to be referred to as a painstaking, hardworking, devoted, remarkable, estimable employee. 

How you handle your task as an employee will define your placement in the place of recommendation, it determines how you will handle your work as an employer.

Is laziness, nonchalant attitude, dubious act, not eating your tomorrow seed already? Your tomorrow seed is what recommendation will offer you.

Most of what is written in religious books is  limited to spirituality alone. You won’t be surprised that God knows how vital recommendation is to mankind that was why he said what he said in Matthew 5vs13-16.

“We are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be salty again?”

When a person loses his or her saltiness is when you are devalued in recommendations when people don’t see the reason to refer you to others because you will always prove them to be a liar, and don’t forget that when you lose recommendation it will be very hard for people to believe in you again or give you chance. When all you exhibit at your working place is laziness, insolence, lies, how will your salt not lose its saltiness?

Recommendations have made some people and it has marred some others.

What will that your boss, or colleagues say about you when someone who needs what you have surfaced?


And don’t be deceived when you’re not recommendable you begin to lose your skill and interest. 

Don’t let vices nip that bud that will blossom tomorrow.


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