Imitation is limitation–the story of a lady on heel


Imitation is limitation--the story of a lady on heel

Heel has always not been my thing. I know I’m not tall but why then trying to make it obvious by climbing 3inches shoe just to make an impression, and for who?

I’m writing from my bed as I’ve refused to go to church after what happened last Sunday.

As usual, after being dressed, I remembered the comment he made “why’s Keness always on low shoes? I bet if she was to be on heels, with that her figure, the brothers won’t be able to resist her, and the sisters, she, will they envy.”

“Oh Keness, come out of it, heel isn’t your thing.” Without much thought, here I was in church on a heel. God knows how uncomfortable I was, but I had to try “if you can’t beat them, you join them” I said to myself.

I wish I knew the surprise that was waiting for me after service…I wished I had a disappearing spell to cast or that flash light that Will Smith and his partner use to erase people’s memories in the Men In Black movie. Perhaps with all these, I would have still been able to even face myself.

After service, like twenty brothers had a second glance at me, I lost count of those who made comments. The sisters too, ten had stopped to ask if it was really me. Wow it felt good that I was being noticed.

To what end?

“Auntie Keness! You are beautiful” one of my Sunday school kids shouted while running to me. What happened next was like the coming of Christ. “Unexpected!!!” Kpam to the ground I found myself and Sandra, the girl that ran to hug me.

The minute i spent on the ground felt like eternity as everyone’s attention was on me. Chai! My teacher was right “imitation is limitation.” My sister wasn’t far from the truth when she told me that morning that “follow, follow go put you for trouble.”

What I felt wasn’t just shame but disappointment. Disappointed at my self for trying to be a photocopy, forgetting that I’m the original copy of my self. 

I was angry that in the process of trying to feel among, I landed myself in shame.

“Truly, e no good to do copy, copy. Everything get side effects but this one pass.”

Hope the implications of what you are trying to copy won’t eventually make you downgrade yourself? Think about it!!!


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