FULL LIST: Court Orders absolute Privation of University, Hotels, other Imo properties looted by Okorocha

FULL LIST: Court Orders absolute Privation of University, Hotels,  other properties valued in Billion Naira  illegally amassed by Okorocha To Imo Government

A High Court sitting in owerri,  the capital of Imo state has ordered the ultimate privation of Royal Palm Springs Hotel and other properties belonging to the former governor, Rochas Okorocha.

Presiding  judge, Fred Njemanze noted that Okorocha’s solicitor flunked to provide substantial justifications why a total privation injunction should not be delivered in vantage of the Imo State Government.

The jury observed the matter issued against the Imo State Government by Okorocha’s solicitor stood not appropriately arranged, portrayed the suit as insignificant.

He retained that the Gazette by the State Government is a lawfully binding record.

“Never was there any substantial justification before the bench why the privation   shall not given  ultimately. Therefore, the State Government can take off to do what it assumes right to do with the belongings” He ruled.

The belongings have been withdrawn to  Imo State Government.

Justice Njamanze gave a temporary ruling on February 26 for the privation on the properties, obliging Okorocha to meet the court to substantiate his case as to why a decisive and ultimate injunction of privation should not be delivered over the properties, pursuing a petition brought by Louis Alozie (SAN) on behalf of the state government.

This provoked Okorocha’s solicitor to raise a preliminary injunction to halt the absolute forcetion, quoting forceful expulsion and that the matter by the Imo State Government was not duly originated.

properties relinquished to the state government are asserted to be included in 226 down to 272 pages of the  State Government Gazette documented by a Judicial Committee  of Enquiry on Land Recovery and other applicable issues.

Many of the properties relinquished are;

— Royal Spring Palm Hotels and Apartments

— IBC staff quarters declared to be illegally procured for motive of Rochas Foundation College

— Eastern Palm University, Ogboko

— facility belonging to the public, positioned at plot B/2 Otamiri South Extension Layout, allotted to the Ministry of Women Affairs for organizing a skills acquisition centre for women, supposedly procured for the advantage of Nneoma Nkechi Okorocha’s All-In Mall along Aba road.

— And all other belongings included in pages 226 to 272 of the government Gazette. 

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