Five Weeks After Biden Said He Trusted Afghan Military, It Collapses


Five Weeks After Biden Said He Trusted Afghan Military, It Collapses

Afghanistan government and its military bowed to the Taliban on Sunday following President Ashraf Ghani’s flee from the country when the insurgent forces attacked the capital city of Kabul. The incident happened after the U.S. president, Joe Biden said he counted on the Afghan military to resist such an attack,Just five weeks ago.


In the early hours of Sunday, the Taliban stormed Kabul after usurping authority across the country is slightly above a week. The capital city indicated the last main government fortress, but as pressures honed in on the region, the nation’s president joined in a rush with civilians and foreigners to flee the country for safety.

It was gathered that the Taliban will soon declare the change of the country’s name to the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” from the presidential palace.

Their relentless advance across Afghanistan showed up after the retreat of U.S. troops from the country. The conclusion to remove the armies from Afghanistan was earlier made under past President, Donald Trump, and later activated by Biden. Last month in a speech, Biden announced that all U.S. battalions would be withdrawn from the country by 31 August 2021.

Just last week, the insurgents pushed shortly and were confronted with little resistance from the Afghan troops, exhibiting the shortcoming of the country’s security system irrespective of billion of dollars spent on the military to support them by the U.S, over 20 years ago.

This dramatic change ensued within five weeks after Biden had said he counted on the Afghanistan Army to drive back the Taliban. In a July 8 press briefing, Ghani refuted that an incursion from the Taliban’s group was unavoidable after American armies were withdrawn from the country.

‘The capacity of the Afghanistan military, who is adequately trained, well equipped, and far more capable in the area of handling the war, is not in doubt,’ president Biden noted that last month, adding that the army was ‘properly equipped as any military one could think of in the world.’

On Sunday, the scene in Kabul was clenched by panic as civilians hurried to vacate the country. The U.S. Embassy advised Americans not to head to the airport after reports that the installation was taking fire, saying that the circumstances were’ fast-changing.’

Most Afghans now fear a revert to extremist rule, especially due to the militants brutal handling of women. 1996 to 2001 was the last time the Taliban governed the country and it banned women and girls from working or acquiring an education. At the time, they also expected women to be accompanied by a male relative when going anywhere from the house.


Beneath a rigid translation of Islam, the militant group also shut down movie theatres, shuttered the Kabul television station, and prohibited the playing of all music.

On Sunday by sunset, Taliban militants were seen pushing into the police districts in Kabul that had been rejected by government security, and a collaborative council established by the country’s past president and other top political officials was created to conserve a peaceful transition of power. Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal said Sunday that the city is never in danger of attack.

‘Security in the city’s is guaranteed. Never will there be an attack on the city,’ he noted, according to Newsmen. ‘Out consensus for bigger Kabul city is that under a temporary government, God willing, power will be relinquished.’

Amid the chaos, the U.S. Army started withdrawing American diplomatic and civilian personnel from its embassy as of Thursday. Embassy employees on Friday were asked to eliminate all sensitive materials, and a core group of American diplomats were transferred to a structure at the int’l airport.

At the weekend, the total number of U.S. armies in the city rose to 5,000 which is after an additional 1,000 armies were sent to assist expedite the procedure of moving Americans out of the troubled country.

On Sunday evening in Afghanistan, it stayed ambiguous as to when the transfer of power would be and who among the Taliban militant was mediating, according to the AP.

Antony Blinken, the U.S. Secretary of State noted during an interview on Sunday that the Taliban has been notified there will be ‘One of a quick and definitive response’ should the insurgent group impedes the evacuation of Americans from the country.

Blinken said when asked if the U.S. would ever recognise the militant group as a legitimate Afghan government, ‘Future Afghan government that endorses the fundamental rights of its people and that doesn’t accommodate terrorists is a government we can work and identify with.’

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