Emir Sanusi— I’ve No Presidential Ambition

Emir Sanusi— I’ve No Presidential Ambition

The expelled Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, has announced that he is not nurturing presidential ambition.

Mr Sanusi, who also acts as the Khalifa Tijjaniya in Nigeria, said on Sunday night at a dinner organised in his honour by the Nigerian Platform on the activities of his 60th birth anniversary.

Sanusi hinted that his next focus is to become a lecturer in the university when he is through with his PhD at the University of London.


He said he is not politically prepared so, he wouldn’t be gamble into strange terrain.

He also noted that anxiety and selfishness are paralyzing the country.

‘The two things destroying the country are fear and selfishness, if these two can be overcome, then this country will be a great country again,’ Sanusi said.

‘Never did I hid the fact that my ambition was to emerge the Emir of Kano. I have never hidden my motives about anything. So should I say, I don’t have an interest in politics it is because I’m not interested in it? If I needed to go into politics I will be open and declare my intention to contest for the president of the country, Nigeria.



‘Yes, I’m a citizen. But I have no interest. This is because I am prepared for politics.

‘For a long now, I had educated myself for an academic career; I equipped myself for the emir, I readied myself for banking and finance but never do i have a single day’s knowledge in politics. You can’t just dive into politics, it is learnt,’ he added.

‘My life as an academic began ABU and but I left it and went into banking. I went into banking and I emerged an emir. I want to fulfil that one vague end in my life. So I applied and have been admitted and by September, I’ll be sitting a PhD examination in Law at the University of London,’ the former Emir said.

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