Biafra: what to do to Nnamdi, Obasanjo–Buhari.


Biafra: what to do to Nnamdi, Obasanjo--Buhari.

An ex-military and civilian President, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo explained that Muhammadu Buhari will have a dialogue with the head of the IPOB group, Nnamdi Kanu before the continuous situation goes beyond control

Speaking with our newsmen, Obasanjo, who had met with the  Niger Delta militant heads in 2006 to quell the onslaught on oil facilities as a president, intimidated that, “Nothing is wrong in Buhari having a chat with Kanu. I would welcome the idea, not to oppose it; if for any reason.

“Meeting with Kanu would be my interest to talk with him and his like minds, so I can ask, ‘What are your demands?’ from all parts of Nigeria and the southeast in particular.

Obasanjo further said the Army’s stiff approach to pro-Biafra sentiment is never the way out. He also said that the craving for secession by IPOB is not the solution either.

“Concerns should be the fulfilment of youths by providing job and wealth, providing for them a reasonable and fulfilling existence as well as making them see hope in their tomorrow; That’ all what we needed. no shorter exit other than these,” the ex-President said

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